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EFF to pay for funeral of supporter who died at birthday rally

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it will pay for the funeral of one of its supporters who died at the weekend.

The unidentified man fell to his death during the EFF’s 10th anniversary celebration rally at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday. He allegedly fell from level five stand of the stadium to level two.

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The EFF noted the “unfortunate passing” of the supporter.

“We send our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased and pray his soul rests in eternal peace.

“The leadership of the EFF will visit his family and take care of all funeral arrangements in honour of his life as he formed part of the historic celebration of our movement,” the party said in a statement.

Malema address

Thousands of EFF members gathered at FNB Stadium for the celebration festivities, where the party’s leader Julius Malema delivered his keynote address.

With the 2024 general elections edging closer, Malema made promises that his organisation would provide a better future for South Africans.

“We are taking the government in 2024, the EFF is going to be the government and when the EFF is in government, we are going to defeat poverty, inequality, unemployment, crime, create quality housing and create clinics and hospitals. We are going to fight corruption and lock up all ANC councillors who are giving people jobs in exchange for sex in municipalities,” Malema told the supporters.

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The EFF leader also vowed to send President Cyril Ramaphosa to prison for all the crimes he claims he has committed.

“We will take him to prison and they will see what they will do with his ugly nose in prison. He is a thief and he killed people in Marikana and he was never arrested,” he said.

“He stole money from South Africans and he was never arrested, he sleeps on top of dollars and he never gets arrested. Ramaphosa is not above the law, he will go to prison whether they like it or not.”