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Does the wedding season have a true story behind it?

The Netflix original romantic comedy, Wedding Season, is directed by Tom Dey (“Shanghai Noon”). Asha Maurya (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravishankar Shah, two second generation Indian Americans, are the main characters in it (Suraj Sharma). Asha’s parents Suneeta and Vijay and Ravi’s parents Dinesh and Veena believe their children lack the maturity to lead their own lives and have created accounts on diaspora dating site Dreamy Desi Partner. An economist, Asha. She left her prestigious bank position and moved to New Jersey to start over after her engagement went down. The graduate economist is currently employed by a global loan program that aims to improve the lives of Southeast Asian women.

Ravi, a former MIT student who is now an international DJ, joins in the meantime. His parents have kept it from the rest of the neighborhood because they believe their child will bring shame on the family. Asha and Ravi decide that they will pretend to be dating and attend Indian weddings together to avoid their respective parents’ expectations. Love will undoubtedly come when they achieve this.


The endearing film Wedding Season offers a candid account of the Indian experience in America, complete with demanding parents, snappy aunts and the cultural and social difficulties of immigrant life. If you’re wondering if “Wedding Season” is based on actual events, we’ve got you covered.

Is the saying “wedding time” true?

No, the film “Wedding Season” is not based on an actual event. Shiwani Srivastava, an aspiring screenwriter, wrote the screenplay on which it was based. In 2018, Srivastava submitted her script for Wedding Season to a number of competitions including the ScreenCraft Comedy Competition, Academy Nicholl Fellowship and Final Draft’s Big Break. She came second in the ScreenCraft comedy competition, and it has been claimed that the competition organizers helped her strike a deal with Netflix.


Although Wedding Season was Srivastava’s debut script, she did not begin writing without research. Although he has a Masters in South Asian Studies and previously worked in a completely different profession, Srivastava’s passion has always been screenwriting. So before she wrote the story she wanted to tell, she tried to understand as much as possible about it.

According to Srivastava, who spoke to ScreenCraft, it wasn’t immediately successful. “I do not think so [my script] It got to the quarterfinals or semifinals or whatever, but I think what was beneficial, especially in San Francisco, was that there weren’t a lot of people to get criticism from and people who had seen it beforehand. I kept writing and used the contest to collect notes. And I think it’s been at least four years since I entered this ScreenCraft competition.


In a July 2022 interview, Sharda stated that Asha’s idiosyncratic personality drew her to her. Sharda went on to say that she admires Asha’s desire to defy expectations in every area of ​​her life. Sharma was drawn to his character’s nonconformist nature. Additionally, he described the experience of working on a Netflix film where the majority of the cast and crew are of Indian descent as a blessing, adding that he loved every aspect of it. Sharda claims that the cast and crew of Wedding Season were very fortunate because their conception of the film was consistent. They tried to find a balance between playing within the romantic comedy genre and playing too hard. They were particularly careful not to fetishize their own culture. While it’s obvious that Wedding Season isn’t based on an actual story, it’s entirely understandable if someone does.