Anupama Latest Written Update 30 July 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 30 July 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Leela says her knee pain has started again and is not subsiding even after Adhik sprayed a painkiller. Toshu asks them to come to the dance floor soon. Little Annu asks Anupama to give a solo performance but she hesitates then Kavya says to Anupama you yourself say about finding happiness in difficult situations and condition.


Anupama dances and then all join her and dance together but Kavya get tensed and worried and thinks she cannot lie to everyone then says to Anupama she feels tensed then Anupama makes Kavya sit and all asks what happened and if she is fine Kavya and then Anupama tell to Vanraj it happens that this time when Vanraj and Anuj are talking with each other then Anupama asks Kavya what happend.

Kavya is just to tell about then Kinjal comes and surprises meanwhile Dimpy tells Samar if Kinjal wants to come here then why she went to the office and tells she just wants to act as if she does the work and wants to prove her importance.


Anuj calls Dimpy outside the house and tells him he will not bear the rude behaviour towards Anupama because if she is hurt then he is also hurt. Dimpy rudely says she knew it always related to Anupama and then they got into an argument where Anuj says that they will make understand Dimpy as he and Anupama always want her success and good things but Dimpy says that she admits that she is wrong and even all see her wrong and ask why we have to do the same which did by Anupama and for the first time they take a stand by themselves they become bad. This conversation is overheard by Anupama and Anuj and Dimpy sees Anupama.

Anupama leaves there while thinking about all stuff she heard and then Anuj says to Dimpy that the elders’ name is not taken and then. Anupama feels upset and then Anuj says to Samar and Dimpy to understand before repenting on their decision meanwhile Anupama asks Kavya what happend and Leela notices Adhik and Pakhi while eating.

Then Toshu says the party is not ended yet and then Vanraj and Anuj hold the mic and then Vanraj confession to Kavya and Anuj confession to Anupama. All get emotional.

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