Anupama Latest Written Episode Update 31 July 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 31 July 2023. The episode starts with the scene where Anuj praises everyone and gives compliments to all and says because of them then shows gratitude and gives thanks to all members and then all get emotional.


Toshu asks if the party is over then Vanraj says no and tells them Kavya, Vanraj, Anuj and Aanupama dance with their partners but Anupama notices Kavya’s tension and takes her side and then asks what is happened and why she is not looking happy Then Kavya tells she wants to tells something to her and then Kavya and Anupama look on Vanraj.

Kavya tells her to Anupama looks at all members and tells that everyone is very happy and how becomes caring towards her for her baby but then Anupama asks if everything is going right so why she is tensed then Kavya tells she does not want to hide and could not be able to tell and everything will be destroyed if this secret comes and asks what she will do and Anupama asks what happened to tell me she is scaring her.

Anupama gets shocked ad stunned after hearing that Kavya’s baby does not belong to Vanraj. Anupama takes Kavya to the room and asks who is baby’s father then guess Anirudh’s name. Vanraj tells the family that this is his life’s most beautiful day. Anuj asks them why is he dancing. Vanraj jokes that Anuj must have gone old, but not him as he is becoming a father.


Kavya tells Anupama that she did not want burden with her secret and she is comfortable to tell and says she tried many times to tell the truth to Vanraj but could not be able to and apologize for that then Anupama asks how did this happen you and Anirudh were friends and then Kavya tells it just happend.

Vanraj and Anuj search for Anupama and Kavya thinking Kavya maybe feel weak so Anupama is taken to her room. Anupama and Kavya talk to each other and Anupama says this one moment will destroy all life of her and family. Anupama this mistake has no explanation and all families have to bear this punishment. Kavya tells that Vanraj also has a mistake and tells about her suffering and Vanraj never gives love to her as she wants then tell when she was totally shattered one day Anirudh comes and feels that she has someone beside her and she gives it in her weak moment to Anirudh.

Vanraj asks Anuj to be with little Annu and says he is going check on Kavya then Anuj slips when he is going upstairs and then Anuj jokes he is literally getting old but Vanraj asks if he is worried for Kavya.