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The Ultimatum's Mildred and Tiff went from proposing to 'punching walls'

Mildred Woody revealed she was arrested for domestic violence during The Ultimatum: Queer Love reunion. The Netflix star went from getting engaged to her partner, Tiff Der, to them getting into explosive fights back home.

Queer couples turned to the help of the Netflix show, The Ultimatum: Queer Love, after one side of their relationship wanted to get married while the other was not entirely sure they were ready to commit yet.

Mildred Woody has admitted she was arrested for domestic violence charges after Tiff called the police on her. The two got engaged by the end of season 1, but it has been confirmed that it all went downhill afterward.

Back of Tiff Der seen as she kisses Mildred Woody, both holding bodies and arms close, wide view of buildings behind them.
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Mildred was arrested for domestic violence

Mildred Woody faced domestic violence charges against Tiff, she revealed at The Ultimatum reunion. “As you all know, we had a very tumultuous relationship. It was a roller coaster. There were a lot of ups and downs,” she said, adding:

It’s really hard for me to say, I was arrested. I threw a picture frame and I broke it. And the glass shattered everywhere. And I threw a pet gate at you, and it was really heavy. At the same time, I was grabbing all of your clothes from the closet and throwing them downstairs because I wanted you to leave my home.

“So you did throw the dog gate at me. The police statement says you took it back,” Tiff responded. Mildred then replied: “Yeah, I threw something at you. And you called the police on me. And they arrested me in my home.”

The Ultimatum duo got engaged

Mildred and Tiff on The Ultimatum faced issues along their journey but ended up getting engaged by the end of the season. However, they split in September 2022 after moving in together.

During the series, Mildred expressed her hopes for Tiff to propose. The couple started dating after Tiff came across Mildred’s photo on Instagram, and went on to be in a relationship for two years.

“If she wants to keep this spice in her life, she needs to put a ring on it,” Mildred told the cameras. She said she needed an answer by the end of the experiment, but Tiff said they were constantly breaking up and getting back together.

The engagement ring stayed off Mildred’s finger

Mildred told Tiff that she has never put her engagement ring back on after the police took it from her. She admitted:

Yeah, I threw something at you. And you called the police on me. And they arrested me in my home. They took my engagement ring off. And I never put it back on. I’m not proud of what I did. But there was a lot of fighting. There was always screaming, yelling, punching the walls.

The two did not see eye-to-eye, with Tiff leaving early due to the drama. “Tiff called me a trash mom. Degraded me. There were a lot of problems when it came to my son. And I did not feel accepted as a mother,” Mildred said.

“Yeah, I did have a problem with connecting with your son, absolutely,” Tiff responded. Mildred has since taken to Instagram to reveal that she “takes full responsibility and makes zero excuses for her actions” for the assault.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support on their website.

For the UK, you can visit the Refuge website here, or Women’s Aid.


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