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Storyline, cast, release date, review, trailer, where to watch and more

A Storm for Christmas: Plot, Cast, Release Date, Review, Trailer, Where to Watch & More

The pressure of the day exposes the cracks that have been there in some people’s relationships all along, while others are pushed to try things they’ve never done before.

Dealing with family health issues may be more important to some people than bringing a gift to their loved ones, but for others that is not the case.

One person shares with the group their heartfelt Christmas hope that their heroes will end the conflict so they can meet their own heroes.

Even celebrities sometimes find it difficult to cope with the overwhelming attention they receive on Christmas Eve.

A storm at Christmas

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A Storm for Christmas: Storyline

The story follows a group of people arriving at Oslo Airport. Some are there to see loved ones, some are going home to their families, and still others are trying to get away from Christmas altogether.

The day before Christmas, a massive snowstorm causes several flights that were supposed to depart from Oslo Airport to be cancelled.

There are many people in this situation, and each of them has a story to tell. This year, all of the stories are linked.

A Storm for Christmas will be one of the snowy seasons of Christmas as people unwrap a cornucopia of gifts belonging to friends and loved ones as Christmas draws ever closer.

We saw in the teaser for Netflix’s new holiday offering, A Storm for Christmas, that they’re celebrating the holiday season by unwrapping more presents. This was shown to us over the holiday season.

Having a heart open to the new course while embracing the new opportunities that present themselves. On Christmas Eve, numerous passengers are stranded at an airport due to a natural disaster. You will soon be forced to understand the modern meaning of the holiday in its entirety.

A storm at Christmas
A storm at Christmas

A Storm for Christmas: Release Date

The holiday season is about more than opening presents, as revealed in the preview of Netflix’s upcoming Christmas special, titled A Storm for Christmas.

It is the opening of hearts to a new path that will lead to new opportunities and a new path altogether.

When many people have to spend Christmas Eve at an airport because of the bad weather, they quickly understand the holidays very differently.

The preview transports us to an airport in Norway just before Christmas, where a million people are waiting to board a plane to enjoy the holidays with their families and friends.

Some people simply avoid the holiday season while others will visit their families. Some people have come to say hello to their relatives.

On the other hand, an unexpected snowfall falling on the scene causes all of their planes to be forced to the ground.

Due to the isolation of private places, prominent people are also forced to go the general route.

Since it’s Christmas time and Santa is at the airport to entertain the kids, the only things anyone would want for the holidays are “a Chanel purse and an iPhone.”

Plus, she makes it absolutely clear that “Santa Claus can’t say no” to declining the offer.

A Storm for Christmas: Production

The six-part limited series, entitled A Storm for Christmas, was conceived, directed and executive produced by Per-Olav Srensen, who also directed the film Home for Christmas.

Hanna Ardéhn, Valter Skarsgrd, Jon Igarden, Dennis Storhi, Sus Noreen Jondahl Wilkins, Ariadna Cabrol, Carmen Gloria Pérez, Maibritt Saerens, Jan Gunnar Rise and Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa are some of the actors and actresses cast for the show.

A Storm for Christmas: Preview

The preview has taken us to an airport in Norway where, with just a few hours until Christmas, the terminals are filling up with a million people preparing to board their flights to celebrate the holidays.

While some people are here to say hello to family, there are others who have come to see family and there are those people who are just getting away from Christmas.

If Mother Nature decides to step on the gas with a blizzard, all flights will be suspended.

There are celebrities who are forced to take the more public route since their private spaces are cordoned off.

At the airport there is a Santa Claus figure for the children to see, where they can leave their Christmas wish “a Chanel bag and an iPhone”.

“Santa Claus can’t say no,” Sant is able to point out in the course of her performance.

For some people, a health emergency is the most important thing, while for others, fulfilling a desire to give a gift to a loved one and return home is more important.

Now that the others are meeting their heroes, one of them has a very important Christmas wish: she hopes that their heroes will end their conflict.

The celebs are struggling with the immense attention focused on them on Christmas Eve.

In the end we can get a glimpse of what Christmas will be like and what it really means to celebrate this annual holiday.

It all boils down to simply having and appreciating the beauty that comes from our families, our friends, and our neighbors. Every aspect of life revolves around genuine affection and the power that comes with it.

A Storm for Christmas: Cast

Home for Christmas was responsible for the execution, direction and production of the new six-part series.

Ida Elise Broch, Hanna Ardenh, Valter Sarsgaard, Jon Oigarden, Dennis Strohl, Sus Noreen Jondahl Wilkins, Ariadna Cabrol, Carmen Gloria Perez, Maibritt Saerens, Jan Gunnar Roise and Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa are some of the actors who appear in this series.

Cast & Creator

  • Ida Elise Broch
  • Hanna Ardehn
  • Valter Scarsgard
  • Jon Oigarden
  • Dennis Storhoi
  • Sus Noreen Jondahl Wilkins
  • Ariadna Cabrol
  • Carmen Gloria Perez
  • Maibritt Saerens
  • Jan Gunnar Rise
  • Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa
A storm at Christmas
A storm at Christmas

A Storm for Christmas: More details

The best time of the year is finally here! If what they say is true. There are certain people who really like the Christmas season.

Then there are these miserable people who don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a proven way to get into the Christmas spirit, the Christmas movies and specials treatment is your best bet.

In this day and age of streaming, there are more ways than ever to catch a Christmas movie or holiday TV special, whenever it suits you.

Still, the months of late November and December offer calendars filled with countless new opportunities every day.

In this section we’ve gathered all the choices available and organized them in a useful way for the day.

Read on to see when some of your favorite Christmas specials will be shown or made available to stream, and how you might discover some new programming to add to your rotation.

A word for the wise, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HALLMARK FILMS, we have chosen not to include them in our curated program this year, with the exception of recently released films.

Instead, I urge you to check out the official schedules for both Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to find out when each and every Christmas movie Hallmark will be airing over the 2022 holiday season is available to watch.

You can find Hallmark titles that will be made available on Peacock on our list as they become available.

You can also find a list of major holiday specials airing in the UK here.

A Storm for Christmas: Review

Usually, during the winter holiday season, when it is cold outside, people can tear a variety of gifts from their loved ones and friends.

However, as depicted in the promotional video for Netflix’s latest holiday offering, titled A Storm for Christmas, there’s more to the holiday season than just the act of opening presents.

It is the opening of hearts to a new path that can lead in a different direction and open up new possibilities.

When a natural disaster forces many people to spend Christmas Eve cooped up in an airport, they are quickly forced to see the holidays in a whole different light.

The preview takes us to an airport in Norway just hours before Christmas, where the terminal is packed with a million people preparing to board planes to fly to their respective holiday destinations.

While some people are here to say hello to family, others head out to see family, and still others are simply trying to avoid Christmas celebrations.

However, when Mother Nature takes center stage in the form of a blizzard, all her planes are grounded. Even well-known celebrities are being tricked into using the more public route as access to private areas has been restricted.

A person’s Christmas wish could be something like “a Chanel bag and an iPhone,” assuming it’s Christmas and there’s Santa at the airport for kids. Additionally, she makes it clear that “Santa Claus can’t say no” if he refuses the request.

While some people expand their comfort zone by engaging in activities they’ve never done before, the stress of the day exposes deep fractures in others’ relationships.

For some people, providing medical care for their families is their number one priority, while for others it’s more about surprising their loved ones with a thoughtful gift.

A person has one significant Christmas wish and that is that their heroes put an end to their struggles while others can meet their heroes.

Even famous people have a hard time dealing with the overwhelming attention that is thrown at them on Christmas Eve.

In the end, we get a better understanding of what Christmas is all about and what it really means to be a part of this annual celebration.

It’s about the love and beauty found in our families, friendships and communities; It’s about real love and the power that comes with it.

A storm at Christmas
A storm at Christmas

A Storm for Christmas: Trailer

A Storm for Christmas is available to stream on Netflix on December 16th. Below you can watch the promotional video and read the official synopsis: