Rockford hosts Forest City Frenzy Disc Golf Tournament | News

ROCKFORD — The Forest City Frenzy Disc Golf Tournament was held this weekend at Anna Page and Ingersoll Memorial Parks. This is the second-largest disc golf tournament in Illinois. 

One of the directors of the Rockford Disc Golf Club said the impact of the tournament goes far beyond just the game. 

“What we’ve done today is bring in 300 people from 12 different states for a very large tournament, an A tier. And what that represents is about a $300,000 impact on the Rockford economy, especially on the West Side. We’re really happy about that. We’ve got a lot of people out here playing and having fun,” Scott McDonald said. 

And the impact, a boost economically in the Stateline. 

“This is sure a great target for people to come out and visit Rockford,” McDonald said. “The local businesses are going to see some of that impact and makes good for everybody.” 

One disc golf player traveled two hours to play in Rockford, something he is happy to do. 

“It’s a big tournament. $3,000 added to the purse. Beautiful course, beautiful day and I love competition and I love meeting new, good people,” Zachary Zandstra said. 

Another player is returning after playing in Rockford several years ago. 

“It looks a little different than what I was used to. I actually only got to play one course last time but all the properties here are beautiful. Very nice to have a park that is basically dedicated to disc golf,” Gavyn Brand said. 

The park is known for its dedication to the game far beyond just the Rockford region. 

“Anna Page Park is one of the top disc golf facilities in America. One of the top 100 out of 12, 13 thousand. People travel from all around the country to play here. People in Rockford don’t seem to know that it exists,” McDonald said. 

And disc golf, only growing in our area. 

“Rockford’s attention for disc golf… We’re considered the best disc golf in the state of Illinois. We have more courses around our area than most places. We’re really lucky,” McDonald said. 

The top two professional male and female player of this tournament will head to the Ledgestone Classic, the largest disc golf tournament in Illinois. 

Rockford hosts Forest City Frenzy Disc Golf Tournament