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Rain Brown's 'mermaid curls' have Alaskan Bush fans in 'love at first sight'

Rain Brown has experimented with all kinds of hairstyles and colors in the past and now she’s inviting her fans to follow her “hair journey” in 2023 as she reclaims her natural curls. The Alaskan Bush People star rose to fame alongside her family members when their Discovery show kicked off in 2014.

Alaskan Bush People‘s fourteenth season aired in 2022 and over the past seven years of filming the Brown family has experienced many highs and lows. The family has celebrated marriages and the arrival of grandchildren. However, the Browns sadly suffered the loss of their patriarch, Billy Brown, in 2021.

Rain Brown speaks to camera wearing clear glasses on Alaskan Bush People
Credit: Discovery UK YouTube channel

Rain Brown’s hair ‘journey’

Discovery Channel star Rain took to Instagram on June 2 to share that she’s “finally getting her curls back.”

The 20-year-old shared a snap of herself taking a selfie in the mirror with her phone.

Rain showed off her thick brown wavy hair in her snap and also opted for pink lipstick and matching nails.

The star’s hand tattoo was also on show. She had her hand inked in memory of her late pet dog Mr Cupcake.

Alaskan Bush star embraces her curls

Sharing her selfie on Instagram, Rain wrote that her followers should “stay tuned for a hair journey video” as she embraces her natural curls.

The Discovery Channel star used the hashtags #curlygirl and #naturalhair in her post.

After changing up her look many times in the past, it appears that Rain is going back to her roots quite literally when it comes to her hair. Fans have seen her with blond hair, as well as in shorter styles during her time on Alaskan Bush People.

Fans ‘love’ Rain’s new look

As always, Rain’s followers came through with all kinds of compliments in the comments section of her post.

The 20-year-old had fans writing that her curls are “cute” and that her hair is “beautiful.”

One wrote: “Love the mermaid hair look.”

Others asked Rain to “marry” them, and said that it was “love at first sight,” when they saw her photo.

Some commented: “Wow! You look great Rainy,” and that the star is looking more like her mom, Ami Brown.

More wrote that Rain is their “dream girl,” adding that she’s “beautiful,” as well as: “Wow! Who is this most beautiful lady? Dang wow.”

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