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Mike Coy teases he 'may be a free agent' after Gas Monkey Garage in cryptic post

Mike Coy left Gas Monkey Garage and launched his own Netflix show, Tex Mex Motors. He now has fans wondering what his net worth is, as well as exactly why he decided to leave Gas Monkey to become a free agent in 2020.

The Discovery show Gas Monkey Garage is where Mike Coy launched to fame. Now, he is the main star of Netflix‘s Tex Mex Motors where we see his car paintwork talents come to life, and fans recognized the owner instantly.

So, why did Mike leave Gas Monkey in the first place and where is he now? Reality Titbit has all the details on him as viewers congratulate him for doing his own thing after years of television fame.

Wes (left) sits next to car in front of Mike Coy (right), bending down, both touching the sides of car.
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Mike Coy on Tex Mex Motors

Mike is the showrunner of Tex Mex Motors and covers cars with unique paintwork. He was also a painter for Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery channel, which came to an end in 2020, as well as for Gas Monkey Garage.

Now with an almost 30-year career in the automotive industry, Mike started working on cars while he was still in high school, developing enough skills to be featured in magazines and TV shows.

The star established his first business – TX Street Rods – in 2011 and has since gone on to star on multiple TV shows, with his most recent Tex Mex Motors that has hit Netflix and already reached the top 10 new shows!

He confirmed ‘no Monkey’ in July 2022

While some cast members left Gas Monkey Garage for good, Mike split his time between working for Richard Rawlings and for himself. His last public social media posts associated with the firm are from 2019.

In July 2022, he awakened his fans’ hopes of seeing him again on-screen, by sharing an Instagram post that featured some TV cameras with the exciting caption, “New beginnings.”

When a fan commented, “Gas Monkey, Mike?” He replied, “No Monkey.” The Gas Monkey Garage car collection was up for auction on Bring a Trailer for a week, and owner Richard Rawlings sold all 29 vehicles for insane money!

Inside the star’s fortune

Gas Monkey Garage employees are believed to earn $50,000 per episode. Mike has gone on to joke about having no money on Instagram, where a TikTokker says they “don’t want to work and never has money.”

“Man speaking the truth!!!” wrote Mike in January. He is now becoming more successful and being paid by Netflix for his new show, with viewers congratulating him for “doing his own thing away from Gas Monkey.”


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