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Kanye West's 'new wife' embraces Yeezy style just like rapper's former flames

Bianca Censori is diving headfirst into the Yeezy aesthetic, as pictures of the designer before marrying Kanye West show how her style has changed.

We’ve seen this happen time and again with Kanye West. Each time the rapper strikes up a new relationship, his partner adopts an increasingly unique and oftentimes outlandish style. Ex-wife Kim Kardashian divulged details of Ye’s influence over her style on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In 2012, in the early days of their relationship, Kanye and his stylist appeared on the show to throw out and replace Kim’s entire wardrobe.

Ye’s current wife, Bianca, also appears to be undergoing a style change, as she dons increasingly bold outfits in true Yeezy style.

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A look at Bianca Censori’s style before marrying Kanye

Bianca Censori, 28, and Kanye, 45, tied the knot earlier this year. The Yeezy design couple reportedly married in January 2023, just two months after Ye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized.

Although Bianca was mainly working behind the scenes at Yeezy, the young architectural designer was spotted at company events and posted pictures of herself to social media. This gives us an indication of how Bianca’s style has evolved over the years, particularly since her marriage to Ye.

Previous years have seen Bianca’s fashion on the more simplistic end of the style spectrum. While always sleek and stylish, Bianca opted for dark tones, fitted silhouettes, and basics. She was seen sporting Balenciaga bodysuits, heels, and dark sunglasses, a favorite amongst celebrities.

This, on paper, doesn’t sound too dissimilar from the aesthetic Bianca embraces now. However, there are some Yeezy touches that are too evident to ignore in Bianca’s new style.

The Yeezy aesthetic seeps into Bianca’s style

Before rocketing into the spotlight after news of her relationship with Kanye West, Bianca opted for a different look. Currently, the architect has a cropped bleach-blonde hairstyle. But previously, she had long long brunette tresses, not dissimilar from the Kardashian-Jenner go-to look.

The blonde pixie cut and minimal makeup accentuate Bianca’s deep brown eyes. This gives the Yeezy designer a neutral base to play with bolder fashion styles.

These past few months, we’ve seen Bianca wearing predominantly all-black ensembles. She has stepped out in heeled boots, leggings, and crop tops or fitted jackets. But the latest addition to her wardrobe is the one making headlines: head wraps and head-covering items.

Kanye West has dated many famous faces. But the rapper’s past three (serious) relationships have seen his partners undergo a style change.

This happened with Kim Kardashian, as the reality star became a bonafide fashion icon throughout their relationship.

It then happened with Julia Fox. Julia already had a quirky style of her own, but this was amped up to the max while the actress was dating Ye.

Bianca Censori steps out covered head to toe in gauze

While the past weeks have seen Bianca just covering her face and hair, this first Sunday in June, she took things a step further with a head-to-toe look covered in gauze.

Ye and Bianca, along with his youngest son Psalm, headed to a church service. Ye was sporting shoulder pads underneath a POLIZEI t-shirt (German for “POLICE”), along with his recent no-shoes shoes that could become the next staple of a Yeezy wardrobe.

Bianca, however, was dressed in a gauze dress which also covered her head, arms and hands. This dress featured a sculptural boat neckline which orbited her head. It is the latest evolution of Bianca’s style while married to the Yeezy brainchild.

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