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Kailyn Lowry's 'dramatic' six-year feud with ex-Teen Mom star is now 'dead and gone'

Last week, the Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry feud reignited as Kail was accused of gifting her ex Chris Lopez an “I love Briana’ shirt, which Lowry ‘prematurely denied’. Despite taking the photo two years ago, she says her ‘beef’ with Briana DeJesus and ex Chris Lopez is ‘dead and gone’.

The former Teen Mom star doesn’t hold back, and she has three successful podcasts to prove it. So of course, she discussed the drama over there after things went down this week.

We take a look at where the mystery shirt came from that reignited Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus’ ‘bitter’ feud.

Kailyn Lowry Briana DeJesus split pic
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Kailyn admits the picture did come from her – but not in the way Briana thought

After Kailyn denied the ‘I Love Briana’ T-Shirt came from her online, the MTV alum took to her podcast to clear things up, and she may have been a bit too quick to speak on social media.

On the latest episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail explained her manager sent her a screenshot of the shirt circulating the internet.

She then noticed they were her pajama pants in the pictures, and then one of her girlfriends reminds her that she made the shirt, but it never made it to Chris, it was just a joke.

“I prematurely commented on the picture and said this s*** is not from me, don’t do this. It wasn’t from me, and I didn’t give it to him, but it was during the lawsuit two years ago,” Kail explained.

“I didn’t remember it initially, I was like what the f***, but anyway, here’s to T-Shirt gate of 2023, it was a joke during the lawsuit thing that my girlfriend gave to me to give to Chris, I never gave it to him and it never made it’s way to him.”

Kail says she sent the pic to a ‘former friend’ two years ago and joked she’d send it to Chris, but never actually did.

Kailyn Lowry says the ‘feud’ with Briana is ‘dead and gone’

The MTV stars’ feud has been ongoing since the Teen Mom days in 2017, although in 2021, it looked like their relationship had improved, before the ‘T-Shirt’ gate. However, Kail still insists the beef is ‘dead and gone.’

Speaking on her podcast she said: “I most respectfully don’t give a f*** about Briana. I don’t give a f*** about the treadmill, I don’t give a f*** about the clown suit. That beef is dead and gone. You’re beefing by yourself and I don’t have any beef with you.”

The 31-year-old also explains she doesn’t have any beef with her ex Chris Lopez, and says their past communications have been ‘civil’ and ‘respectful.’

Kail and Briana’s feud started in 2017 which first started due to Briana’s relationship with Lowry’s ex, Javi. It got more serious when a lawsuit was involved in 2021 after Lowry filed for defamation.

How many kids does Kailyn share with Chris Lopez?

Kailyn shares two children with ex-Chris Lopez, Creed, and Lux, who was born in July 2020.

Creed is Kail’s youngest child that is known to the public, although ‘fifth baby rumors’ continue to fly.

She’s now in a relationship with her boyfriend Elijah Scott, who recently made a rare public appearance on her TikTok.

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