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Firefly Lane timeline explained

Firefly Lane timeline explained

If you’re obsessed with Firefly Lane on Netflix, you might have concerns about the story’s time-traveling elements.

The narrative, chronicling Tully and Kate’s friendship over time, jumps back and forth in time rather than following events chronologically.

The series spans from the 1970s, when Tully and Kate are young teenage girls who quickly discover they have a lot in common, to the early 2000s, with sequences set in the 1980s, when Tully was already working at a local news station and Kate joins her production team.

The true present of the show is 2003; It follows Kate’s divorce and return to work, and Tully’s life as the host of a glamorous talk show. Some scenes also take place in “The Future” in 2005.

While the time travel might be chilling, it allows viewers to watch as Tully and Kate’s friendship develops over the years, and no matter the year, there’s always plenty of addictive drama.

Find in-depth explanations of each of Firefly Lane’s standout periods, as well as all the major events taking place in each one, by scrolling through.

Firefly Lane

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Firefly Lane timeline

Most of Firefly Lane takes place between 1974 and 2005. A few other things happen before 1974 and after 2005 as well.

Tully and Kate’s journey can be broken down into three parts. Tully and Kate complete their final three years of high school, graduate from college, and join KPOC during the first part, which spans 1974-1982.

Between 1982 and 2003, the two closest friends go through a second phase, building their careers, forming and ending relationships, and forming lasting bonds.

Between 2003 and 2005 lies the third phase, which is characterized by the challenges and problems that midlife brings with it for women.

All these events have been divided and organized chronologically for your convenience.

Firefly Lane: 1959/1960

It was probably in 1959 or 1960 that Dorothy Hart and Parker Binswanger crossed paths. When they first meet, they click right away.

Soon after, Dorothy becomes pregnant but keeps it a secret from Parker. The two decide to flee, but every time they do, Parker’s family tracks them down.

They eventually decide to give it one last try, but Dorothy’s father is compensated by Parker’s brother, Benedict Binswanger.

Parker receives a fake letter from Dorothy’s father, claiming his daughter has changed her mind. Dorothy’s father presents her with a fake letter claiming to be from Parker.

Firefly Lane
Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane: 1974

Tully moved into a house on Firefly Lane with her mother, Dorothy, in 1974, where their paths first crossed and became friends.

Although Kate and Tully don’t seem to get along at first, they quickly become close friends. It happens when Pat, a student, rapes Tully.

With no one to turn to or confide in, Tully pours her heart out to Kate. After that, the two start dating.

Meanwhile, Tully learns that Sean is gay and decides to keep it a secret.

Firefly Lane: 1975

Five months later, in 1975, Tully is living with her grandmother and is writing to Kate to update her on her life.

While Kate desperately wants a kiss, Tully is still scarred by the episode with Pat.

While searching through some drawers, Tully discovers a photo of Dorothy and another man.

Kate accompanies Tully on her search for the man, believing he may be her father. Tully and Kate encounter the man when they arrive at the location in the picture, but he is not Tully’s father.

The two then go out to eat, but soon realize they are short on cash.

The two begin to argue, pointing fingers at each other as the situation becomes more awkward.

After Tully’s declaration that their friendship is over, the two girls part ways.

Firefly Lane
Firefly Lane

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Firefly Lane: 1976

After a year, when Dorothy is released from prison, Tully and Kate cross paths. Tully is back in school as mother and daughter return to their home on Firefly Lane.

When she enters the class, she learns that Lisa is Karen Kate’s new best friend. After all is said and done, the two reconcile and reestablish their friendship, which angers Lisa-Karen.

Meanwhile, Dorothy strives to better herself by experimenting with new foods and abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

In order to understand how to choose a different path and have a better relationship with Tully, she even meets a priest named Dennis.

Firefly Lane: 1980

The story picks up speed again when Tully and Kate are enrolled in college and journalism courses. Chad Wiley, Tully’s professor, doesn’t give her enough opportunities to speak in class, she realizes.

Tully challenges the professor after getting a C from him on her assignment as well. Chad gives her a second chance after objectively pointing out her shortcomings.

Tully revisits her project while Kate spends the weekend with her family. Chad enters the room while she is rehearsing and offers to help her.

However, the two start kissing and Chad walks away after realizing that he shouldn’t be doing that.

Tully then makes the decision to join Kate’s family, where the two girls start fighting again.

This time Kate wants to do something on her own without depending too much on Tully. Also, Kate tells Tully that she applied for a semester program in London but wasn’t sure how to tell him.

The latter becomes argumentative, claiming that Kate is free to do as she pleases.

Firefly Lane
Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane: 1982

The story continues on news channel KPOC two years after Tully graduated from college. Kate joins the company thanks to Tully and develops feelings for its CEO Johnny.

Kate feels an immediate bond with Johnny and works hard to win his favor.

Johnny is impressed by the way Kate is bringing order to the chaos at KPOC.

However, Kate gives up on Tully after realizing that Johnny might be interested in her. In fact, Tully and Johnny almost shared a kiss one night while high on drugs and alcohol.

Firefly Lane: 1984

Tully and Kate’s jobs didn’t improve in 1984 because they hadn’t received a promotion in the previous two years.

When it comes to their relationship, Tully and Chad vacillate while Kate is with Mutt. When Johnny returns from El Salvador covering breaking news, he sees a friend being shot.

As everyone gathers things get awkward when Johnny finds out that Kate is Mutt even though he likes her.

Despite her enduring affection for Johnny, Kate cannot leave Mutt and decides to stay with him. The final dissolution of this web reveals Kate and Johnny united.

Firefly Lane: 1985

Kate and Tully begin reporting breaking news from various places in real time, such as: B. Protests, gubernatorial elections and more.

However, Danny from a rival news agency follows her everywhere. After having a sexual encounter, Danny and Tully later joined the KPOC channel.

The two become both rivals and physical partners. Benedict Binswanger, a candidate for governor, is one of the most important news stories.

When Tully raises a legitimate concern about the environmental impact of his logging at a conference, the man berates her.

In addition to feeling uncomfortable, Tully has a bad feeling about the gubernatorial candidate. Tully and Danny try to frame the man.

Firefly Lane: 1989

Although Kate’s participation in the trip is unknown, we do know that she will give birth to a child in 1989.

Tully tries to hold on to Kate as tightly as possible, fearing losing her best friend. To support Kate and Johnny’s unborn child, Tully also buys them a dog.

Kate is feeling shaky at the baby shower and takes Tully to a pub to cool off. Tully says she works at WNBC in New York but is unsure about leaving.

What worries Tully most is being alone; without Kate she feels naked.

Firefly Lane: 1993

The story continues in 1993, when Tully is working for WNBC in New York. She feels lonely because she hasn’t spoken to Kate much in the past year.

Kate is now happy with her family but longs to go back to work and pursue her career.

Kate and Tully’s reunion in New York is sweet. But Tully’s showdown with Benedict Binswanger is the most important event of the year.

Benedict plays politely at first, but quickly reveals his true nature, leaving Tully uneasy. She experienced a similar feeling when Benedict punched her.

Firefly Lane: 2003

The current era of the series begins in 2003. After around 12 years, Kate is trying to find a new job while Tully is working on her own show called The Girlfriend Hour.

After promising the editor an interview with Tully Hart, she is made assistant editor at Seattle Digest.

Marah, Kate’s 14-year-old daughter, struggles with teenage issues. But most importantly, Kate and Johnny have already broken up and are in the process of getting a divorce.

Firefly Lane
Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane: 2004

Returning from Germany, Johnny discovers he suffers from PTSD and needs counseling while his physical wounds begin to heal.

Kate, who still has feelings for Johnny, is conflicted about Calvin, Charlie and other circumstances.

However, they decide to speak things out and after admitting their feelings, they reconcile. Kate and Johnny start having open discussions about anything that will help them grow up.

Firefly Lane: 2005

The show seamlessly jumps into the following year as Kate strengthens her bonds with her family and begins taking creative writing classes.

As Johnny and Kate grow closer, they begin to get married. Johnny is optimistic, but Kate worries that history will repeat itself.

When Johnny finally asks Kate to marry him, she accepts. Despite missing her best friend Tully, Kate stubbornly refuses to speak to her.

As a result, Kate tries to make new acquaintances but fails to connect with them in the same way she did with Tully.

Firefly Lane: 2015

Sean asks Johnny if he’s prepared for the big day as they both stand in front of an apartment building. Johnny shakily replies that the bride is nowhere to be found and that the wedding will begin at any moment.

Then, while wearing a silky white bathrobe, we watch Tully get ready in front of a mirror.

When someone knocks on her door while she is examining her cosmetics, she replies that there is no rush because the day cannot begin without her.

While Marah is likely getting married, this could be a distraction from Tully’s presumably upcoming nuptials.

Given his fear, Johnny could only act like this if his daughter got married.

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