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Dr Pimple Popper pops oozing 'refried beans' from cyst with 'unreal sac'

Dr Pimple Popper shares her skillful work with her followers once again in 2023 as she showcases the popping of a huge cyst. The TLC star works her magic in her latest Instagram post and tries to establish whether her patient has a cyst or a lipoma as she pops it.

The TLC doctor rose to fame on YouTube before landing her own show. Despite being recognized worldwide, Dr Sandra Lee explained that she doesn’t make a ton of money from her show. She lives in a huge California mansion with her family which even features a private hiking trail.

Dr Sandra Lee smiles looking across camera holding microphone to mouth wearing white jacket and green blouse
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Dr Pimple Popper discovers cyst

TLC’s Dr Pimple Popper has popped all kinds of cysts in her time, including a “baby face cyst.”

After numbing her patient in a May 2023 video, Dr Lee gets to work on removing the cyst with an “unreal sac,” from their body.

Fans took to the comments section of her video to say they can’t get over how “clean” Dr Lee’s procedures are as well as how “amazing” the sac extraction was.

The patient’s cyst is very ‘old’

As Dr PImple Popper extracted the very large cyst, she explained that the mass is simply: “Wet skin cells” that had been there since the patient was eight years old.

Fans took to the comments section of her video to say that they “love the big, gross, old cysts” and that they could “watch them all day.”

More wrote on the doctor’s Instagram post of the same cyst removal: “You can tell by the color that it’s been marinating for awhile.”

Fans think pus looks like ‘refried beans’

Dr Pimple Popper’s patient was super happy to have their cyst removed.

It must’ve been pretty uncomfortable to live with as so much pus oozed during the extraction.

One viewer commented on the YouTube video: “Sitting on this “ball” must’ve been very uncomfortable.”

The dark color of the pus had many fans writing they thought that it looked like “refried beans.”

One wrote: “Owwww, look at those refried beans.”

Others wondered if the pus “had a scent.”

Another commented: “I could definitely smell that in hi def through my phone.”

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