Born Again Christian Woman Reveals Her Boyfriend Hasn’t Touched Her



A born again Christian woman, Steph and her man have trended on social media.


This comes after she revealed that her boyfriend has not torched her since they began dating. 


In a tweet that has since gone viral, she said he is the first man in her life who hasn’t made sexual comments to her, adding that he wants to wait till their wedding day. 

“This is the first man in my life who has been with me and hasn’t touched me, never makes s3xual comments to me, never tried to make any move on me, and has not even kissed me. He wants to honor and obey God. He loves Jesus and he wants to save our first kiss for our wedding day,” she tweeted on Sunday, June 11.  


The tweet which has garnered over 45,000 Likes and 8000 Retweets, received varying reactions.