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Beyond Skinwalker Ranch explores 'similar' phenomena hundreds miles from original site

A preview video of Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’s debut episode shows a group of investigators involved with researching “similar” unusual activity hundreds of miles from the original site.

The History Channel spin-off show was given the green light after the popularity of the main show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch which investigates paranormal activity at a Utah ranch.

The new show follows investigators beyond the borders of the ranch as they travel across the US to examine strange and unexplained activity in other spooky locations.

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch explores “similar” activity like in original site

The first episode features an investigation at the Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona, Arizona, as the team “encounters dangerous radiation levels, a strange temperature anomaly, and a UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena).”

Former covert CIA intelligence officer Andy Bustamante and television correspondent Paul Beban have been recruited by the Skinwalker Ranch team to travel to remote places in the US to commence their research.

In a twenty-second preview shared on History’s Twitter, Andy said that they found “similar” activity hundreds of miles away from the original Utah ranch.

The new team members will work alongside veterans of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, including ranch owner Brandon Fugal, and go beyond the original site of unexplained paranormal activity.

The goal of the series is to finally find evidence that will explain phenomena encountered at certain locations. Brandon shared a preview of the first episode and Andy discussed some dangerous activity that got more “intense”. You can watch a longer promo clip below:

Viewers can’t wait for the new show

Thanks to several promo clips shared on Twitter, the show has already grabbed the attention of many fans who regularly watch the original History show.

One viewer reacted to the video above: “Thank you, Brandon, for continuing this amazing and world-changing investigation, extremely exciting but definitely a cautious time to maneuver ahead of us.”

“Beyond” is a great forward-looking goal,” someone else commented. “Thanks for going for it.”

“This looks awesome,” another one wrote. “I’m definitely gonna watch this.” A fourth viewer chimed in: “I’m very excited to see what happens tonight on both shows.”

How to watch

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch debuts its first episode on History Channel, beginning at 10 pm ET on Tuesday, June 6.

For viewers without cable, they can watch the show on the streaming platform Philo which offers over 60 channels and a free trial. History Channel is also available on FuboTV with a free trial.


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