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Bad Skin Clinic patient's weight gain left her with a 'tennis ball' sized neck lump

Dr Emma and the Bad Skin Clinic team are on a mission to solve complex skin conditions, including patient Chelsea who comes to see the doctor with a tennis ball-sized lump on her neck.

Just like Dr Pimple Popper, the TLC show provides popaholics with satisfying removals of huge lumps and bumps.

We take a look at  Dr Emma Craytorne’s, patient’s neck lipoma the size of a ‘tennis ball.’

Bad skin clinic patient visits Dr Emma with ‘tennis ball’ neck lump

22-year-old Bad Skin Clinic patient Chelsea says people are ‘shocked’ at her tennis ball lump, which she says makes her feel like an ‘old person’ with a hunchback.

She tells TLC‘s Dr Emma that the lump just keeps getting ‘bigger and bigger’ over the past year, after doing less exercise and putting on 7lb of weight.

Her local GP classed it as a lipoma, however, Dr Emma says lipomas all tend to move together when pressing on one side, although Chelsea’s lump doesn’t.

She then classes it as a ‘buffalo hump’ which means there’s an increase of fat in the fat pad, and may is likely a cause of weight gain.

Weight loss won’t help the removal

Unfortunately, the Save My Skin doctor explains that losing weight won’t help the removal of the lump, although it was caused by weight gain.

They can be removed by cutting them out, but liposuction, which means the patient can recover quickly, and the scar is a lot smaller.

However, liposuction gets rid of what’s there but doesn’t prevent it from coming back.

Bad Skin clinic patient beck lump before and after
Credit: Bad Skin clinic/TLC YouTube

The liposuction was successful

Dr Emma referred the patient to Dr Young to perform liposuction on Chelsea’s ‘buffalo hump’.

Whilst undertaking a ‘pinch test’ the doctor said the ‘hump’ measured 7cm, and the upper end of the neck measured around 2cm.

After a successful procedure, Chelsea said she was “really really happy” with the results. Five days after the operation her back was ‘miles flatter’ than it was before.

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