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Amy Slaton fans blast 'quit the filters' as she celebrates son turning 11 months

1000-lb Sisters fans are taking to Amy Slaton’s comments section in full force in 2023 as she shares a snap of her baby with a filter over his face. TLC star Amy welcomed Glenn into the world in 2022 and while some fans are keen on her celebrating her son turning 11 months old, others criticized her.

Amy and her sister, Tammy Slaton, rose to fame with their own YouTube channel. The two later landed a TLC show, 1000-lb Sisters. Nowadays, the ladies are unrecognizable from when the show first began. Tammy and Amy Slaton have been approved for weight loss surgery and Amy is also now a mom of two boys.

Amy Slaton uses filter on baby snap

On June 9, 2023, Amy took to TikTok and Instagram to share an adorable photo of herself kissing her son, Glenn, on the cheek.

Glenn was born in July 2022 and his mom took to social media to celebrate him turning 11 months old.

1000-lb Sisters‘ Amy’s snap saw her son looking super happy, although some fans weren’t keen on his face having a social media filter on it.

1000-lb Sisters star has fans divided

After posting a celebratory post for her son, Amy received all kinds of criticism in the comments section from fans.

Some said to “quit the filters,” while more wrote: “Stop putting filters on babies, they don’t need them.”

Another commented: “What the heck is with the filter?!?!”

More wrote: “Somebody please take away her filters.”

However, there were also many fans who took to the comments section to say how “cute,” Glenn is.

Some said to “leave Amy alone,” and others encouraged the TLC star to “continue being creative.”

Amy is a fan of a filter

It’s safe to say that Amy and her sister, Tammy, are fans of filters when it comes to their photos. The two reality stars enjoy expressing themselves creatively online and often share snaps of themselves with their followers.

Amy and Tammy have both been on drastic weight loss journies and essentially turned their whole lives around during 1000-lb Sisters.

In 2023, Amy took to TikTok to share a fun selfie with a caption that she was “feeling herself.”

On June 10, she shared another snap of herself wearing sunglasses and a floral top in a car with Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman playing alongside it.

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