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90 Day Fiance's Jasmine had ear hole reconstruction as one of her many surgeries

Jasmine on 90 Day Fiance’s plastic surgery is the talk of TLC fans. Reality Titbit looked at her pictures before and after, and found out how old Jasmine is as she undergoes more surgery paid for by her partner, Gino.

From ear hole reconstruction to eye bag removal, Jasmine is always open about her plastic surgery. The fitness guru is incredibly passionate about changing her appearance, from focusing on her fitness to getting breast implants.

We looked at all of Jasmine’s plastic surgery procedures and even dug up old photos. Since Jasmine and Gino met through a sugar baby and sugar daddy website, 90 Day Fiance fans have often watched her undergo procedures.

Jasmine’s plastic surgery: Before and after

Jasmine on 90 Day Fiance’s plastic surgery is often a topic among TLC fans when she stars on the show. She has opened up about her cosmetic procedures on her YouTube channel and said:

I have always loved my body, before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery.The things that I have done to my body are not because I hate my body… I just want to enhance certain aspects about myself.

Her Instagram is where she often reveals to fans about the new plastic surgery she has had. It was in 2016 when she had her first experience of surgery when she got a breast augmentation.

Procedures the 90 Day star has had

Jasmine has had two breast implant procedures, ear reconstruction surgery, eye bag, and eyelid removal to get rid of her hooded eyelids, and laser eye surgery. Lip fillers are also on her long list of cosmetic procedures.

Describing that she was underweight and depressed at the time, the doctor recommended a 500cc size when she first got breast implants. And it was history from there as the star wanted to enhance other parts of her body, too.

She has also had her teeth whitened, as well as brushing and permanent makeup on her eyebrows. Jasmine has told fans that she still hasn’t used Botox as she’s “saving it for when it’s extremely necessary.”

She is passionate about fitness

Jasmine often goes to the gym, either by herself or with loved ones. She also gets bi-monthly plasma facial treatment and organic peeling and invests in a day and nighttime skincare routine.

More recently, the star has been concerned about Gino Palazzolo’s libido, revealing that she went to the gym before hoping to sleep with him. And fans now think she’s getting more surgery in the hopes of changing his lack of desire.

In December, Jasmine revealed that she would like to launch a fitness business in the next year, which is one of her dreams. I love coaching people and helping them to achieve their body goals,” Jasmine wrote.

She added: “It has been one of my biggest hobbies (I say hobby because I don’t charge money for it). [My dream is to create] a free online fitness plan to help people work out from their houses and have a healthy lifestyle.”


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