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90 Day Fiance fans say Tyray and Carmella are 'on the wrong show'

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90 Day Fiance debuts season 6 of Before The 90 Days tonight (June 4), which features a range of new couples, and cast, including Tyray and Carmella, although it seems like some fans think they should’ve been on MTV’s Catfish instead.

The TLC show is one of the many spin-offs of the original 90 Day Fiance, which premiered on the network back in 2014. The Before The 90 Days spin-off shows couples traveling to each other’s countries for the first time, before getting engaged and starting the K-1 visa process.

We take a look at 90 Day Fiance couple Tyrary and Carmella, and why fans are saying they’re ‘on the wrong show.’

Meet 90 Day Fiance couple Tyray and Carmella

Tyray is a 33-year-old from California, hoping to meet 27-year-old girlfriend Carmella from Barbados, after chatting online for four years without meeting in person, or even video chatting.

He calls her a godess, describing her as “Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion combined.”

They met on an online dating site, and have been talking everyday for four years. Although they’ve never met or even video called before, Tyray says he’s her ‘soul mate’ and tells the camera how he’s never been in love before.

The couple only communicate on Snapchat, but Tyray said they have ‘naughty’ Snap sessions, however these are just pictures.

When asked by producers if he’s ever asked to video chat, he said he has once, although she didn’t say anything, so he took it as a no.

Despite all this, Tyray says he hopes to make Carmella his wife soon.

Fans say Tyray and Carmella should call Catfish’s Nev and Max

Of course, upon hearing the couple hadn’t met or video chatted within four years of speaking, fans rushed to the Instagram comments to say Tyray should’ve applied for MTV’s Catfish instead of the TLC show.

“Somebody call Nev and Max,” joked one fan.

One said: “Wrong tv show, switch to MTV dude.”

However, others disagreed as one commented: “They wouldn’t showcase his story if she wasn’t real. Otherwise, this would be on the show Catfish.”

We guess we’ll have to wait for the first few episodes to see how their relationship plays out!

Meet the rest of the Before The 90 Days season 6 cast

Of course, Tyray and Carmella are just one of the couples TLC viewers will be introduced to when the series premiers on June 4.

Below we have the complete list of couples plus their locations and ages, as fans will be following their love journey for the next few weeks:

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