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60 days In inmate's real life experience may give him the upper hand

Seven new volunteers are ready to go undercover on a mission to bring prison reform in 60 Days In 2023, so here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve ever wondered what life behind bars would be like, 60 Days In has got you covered.

Seven brave participants will be entering jail undercover to investigate the daily proceedings as part of a mission to evoke change.

The everyday citizens are putting their lives on the line for the sake of reform and entertainment, so here’s what we know about the new highly-anticipated season.

60 Days In season 8 cast member sitting in an orange jumpsuit with mask
Credit A&E Youtube channel

60 Days In’s new season has 2023 release date

60 Days In season 8 will premiere on June 15, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT on A&E. Episodes release weekly and will be available on demand and to stream on the A&E app and

Despite the psychological and physical toll on its participants, A&E has continued the series given its top ranking in the crime and justice genre.

The unfiltered look into prison systems has reportedly helped local jails tackle issues within their facilities. According to A&E’s press release, “participating jails have seen success with changes such as lowered recidivism rates, facility upgrades, inmate programs, and staffing changes.”

An example is seasons 1 and 2’s Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Corrections officers began examining food trays closer and cracking down on ways inmates used available materials for drug abuse.

60 Days In season 8 trailer

The sheriff welcomes the participants after a recent streak of staff retirements and an inmate drug overdose. The 60 Days In cast are recruited undercover to ensure the new team and protocols are in force.

However, it should be the participants who should remain alert as the A&E hints that the “conditions are too much to bear.”

Where is 60 Days In 2023 filmed?

Season 8 is set in North Carolina’s Pitt County Detention Center and filming took place in September 2022.

Prison chief Sheriff Paula Dance spoke on being at the center of a crime series. “Apparently, the show had done some research on me and on the detention center,” Dance said. “And I would think that with all of the information out there with the programs inside the detention center, must’ve piqued their interest. They reached out, and I took some time to consider it.”

Dance is also hoping 60 Days In will recognize the efforts of detention officers who work around the clock. “People don’t understand that or have a fundamental understanding that these officers, although they’re not on the streets with a gun and a badge, they still serve the same purpose in protecting the community,” Dance explained.

Officer Davon Daggs added: “I would say we deal with disrespect from inmates. But other than that, nothing we can’t handle or control. But once again, jail is not the place to be.”

60 Days In cast: What we know so far

Profile details of the cast have yet to be released, but A&E has released a short promo clip showing four participants. The full cast will be revealed in the two-hour special on June 8, one week before the official premiere date of episode 1 on June 15.

But before that, Reality Titbit found three members on Instagram:

Sarah Anselment

Anselment is a mom of six, a digital creator, and an entrepreneur. Residing in Hoffman, Minnesota, Sarah is in the process of launching her own clothing line, Savage Mother Hustler, and judging from her colorful hairstyles, it’s going to be a vibrant collection.

The A&E star is also executive director at Modere and Bellame, both of which are marketing platforms.

You may not recognize Sarah from the 60 Days In trailer as she sports her natural brown locks instead.

Feli Flame

60 Days In is not Feli Flame’s first time in front of the camera. An actor and musician from New Jersey and North Carolina, Feli goes by the moniker The Young Sleaze.

According to his IMDb, Flame’s real name is C Jamil Powell and has appeared in seven productions in the last three years.

2023 has proved to be his most active year yet; he portrayed Black in the film Crossover, alongside Jamal Woolard, who is best known for playing The Notorious B.I.G in 2009’s Notorious.

The actors collaborated once again for Dope Boy Magic, which is Flame’s first leading role.

You can find his music on Spotify; his most popular track features Fetty Wap.

Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams is a content creator from Sacramento, California. Before entering 60 Days In as a prisoner, Williams experienced real life behind bars for nearly 17 years. He was incarcerated at age 17 for robbery, but further details of his charges are unknown. He was released on July 4, 2013.

If Curtis looks familiar, you have seen him on an episode of Divorce Court. He appeared alongside his wife Lolinda Williams after he claimed she was too controlling of his behavior since his release. The pair were married for seven years and despite the show’s judge, Lynn Toler, recommending counseling, the couple never attended and have seemingly parted ways.

Curtis posted a birthday tribute to his fiance Adrena Luster Thomas in January 2022.

How much do 60 Days In members get paid?

A&E has never released an official figure, but a Redditor with reality TV experience suggests that A&E budgets for one-hour shows “are typically around $375,000 per episode”

Including the costs for production offices, crew, post-production, and location, cast members are paid about $3000 per episode. This means season 7 volunteers, who could’ve filmed up to 11 episodes, would’ve earned around $33,000 in total.

60 Days In most jaw-dropping moments

Jeff fears he will ‘get killed’ after fight

60 Days In S1 Jeff with a tissue stuffed in his nostril
Credit A&E Youtube channel

Season 1’s casino security Jeff is attacked by an inmate after rumors spread that he was convicted of sexually assaulting children. The pod boss reassures the inmate that Jeff was jailed for embezzlement, but the inmate proceeds to attack Jeff, punching him in the face twice and breaking his glasses.

Officers do not respond to the attack and Jeff calls his wife for producers’ help after his only method of protection is paying his cellmates in exchange.

“I don’t feel safe, I feel like I’m going to get killed here right now,” he said.

Angele falls in love with an inmate and blew everyone’s cover

Angele Cooper smiling in 60 Days In S4  confessional
Credit A&E Youtube channel

Season 4’s Angele started a romantic relationship with inmate Gabrielle and implied that she revealed her true identity to her partner. Suspicion arose when Angele was immediately removed from the program, and Gabrielle eventually revealed to other prisoners that her partner was undercover.

Colonel Adger was forced to end filming earlier after Angele’s behavior compromised the safety of other participants.

Season 7 marked two 60 Days In firsts

Season 7 was the first installment to feature all ex-convicts. The seven volunteers filmed undercover at Henry County Jail, Georgia, under the leadership of Sheriff Reginald B Scandrett. He is the county’s first African-American sheriff.

Like many reality shows in the last two years, 60 Days In was filmed during the covid pandemic. The inmates were immediately quarantined in their cells upon entry in what was practically solitary confinement, risking high drop-out rates.

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