You Won’t Believe What These Disney Channel Hunks Are Up To Now

Picture this: It’s Friday and you just finished eating Lunchables. Your Furby is sleeping so you turn on the TV and hear the most magical phrase any ’00s kid could imagine. 

I’m Zac Efron and you’re watching Disney Channel.

Ah, what a time to be alive.

These days, thanks to Disney+, we can rewatch all our favorite DCOMs (for the uninformed, that’s Disney Channel Original Movie) any time we want. And while binging High School MusicalLuck of the Irish, Brink! and more, we couldn’t help but wonder…what ever happened to our favorite hunks who took over our screens and captivated our hearts when we were kids, tweens, teens and even young adults (OK, and adults too)?

Are they married? Do they have kids? Heck, are they even still acting? 

Well, fear not: We did the heavy lifting (and some Googling) and found all the answers you want to know about the guys who once graced your bedroom walls back in the day.