Where Is His Father Now? Explained!

Today we are going to share about a murder case of a teenager Dylan Redwine. The horrifying case remained in the headlines for a long time. The reason for making the headlines was that the innocent boy was murdered by his father. The tragic incident took place in November 2012. And the father was found guilty, a decade later in July 2021. Now the question is again surfacing where is the killer now? The unfortunate incident was because of the cruel father Mark Redwine. Mark Redwine, a Colorado resident and the father of Dylan Redwine, 13, was found guilty in July 2021 of second-degree murder and child abuse that resulted in the death of the boy. What was the case and why a father killed his own son and now where is he? All these questions must be appearing in our viewers’ minds. We are going to share the whole story of a brutal killing in detail. Scroll down.


Who Is Dylan Redwine?

It is reported that Dylan Redwine’s autopsy report became the topic of discussion as by that his father was found guilty. The incident is so shattering when it reveals that the remains of the deceased boy were found after months of his disappearance. It was a Dr Phil program in 2013 after the case gained widespread exposure and the indications were against the father Mark Redwine. But the accused was denying it all the time and the case hyped up when Mark refuse to submit to a polygraph examination while the show was airing.



Who Is Dylan Redwine?

The sources tell us the boy vanished and was discovered dead in a wilderness area close to Vallecito, Colorado. As the body was found in advanced decomposition. The case was solved with the help of Dylan Redwine’s mother, Elaine Hall. During the trial, she testified about her final interaction with her son & the emotional impact. Her statements lead to finding out about her husband’s brutal act. The sources tell us Dylan discovered shameful portraits of his father dressed in lingerie and he also noticed unusual behaviour of his father involving a diaper.

As Dylan caught his father with embarrassing images, the brutal father planned to kill his own son. The boy disappeared in 2012 and his remains were found in a very strange way scattered in the area. After so many years, people are curious to know about the killer and where is he. As per reports, at the time, he faced 48 years in prison for his gruesome act that led to the death of his son. Now the accused is in jail as per the reports. Stay tuned.