Webster Golf Club accuses Monroe County Water Authority of drying up golf course

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Arguments were heard Tuesday in an appellate court between the Webster Golf Club and the Monroe County Water Authority.

The Golf Club has accused the Water Authority of diverting a stream that feeds the creek near the 8th hole. The action is causing the creek and much of the land of the golf course to dry up.

Attorneys representing the Monroe County Water Authority argue a construction project that wrapped up in 2013 caused the stream to be diverted.

The Golf Club’s attorneys say the Water Authority diverted water from their course to Lake Ontario during construction, and years after they say they’re seeing the effects. Water Authority attorneys counter saying the construction of the water treatment plant and parking lot caused the change in the stream’s direction, adding that they’re not responsible for the change and that it would be those responsible for construction.

Debby Murphy, the Director of Operations at Webster Golf Club says they can’t go another summer without water. She says they use 250,000 gallons of water a night to water between tees, greens, and fairways, but what they are currently receiving from the Water Authority is not enough.

“So the Monroe County Water Authority — the answer to our issue was to give us water, that we pay for, but they haven’t given us subsequent water,” Murphy said. “Last year they gave us 1.1 million gallons, which is enough for 4 nights of watering. So that creek now is fueled only by rainwater.”

News 8 reached out to Monroe County Water Authority and they denied comment on the subject.