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Tammy and Amy Slaton look ‘beautiful’ without filters as fans beg to see the 'real' them

1000-lb Sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton have ‘responded’ to criticism from fans who advised them to ditch the filters as they both took to their social media platforms to post unfiltered selfies.

While the TLC show is off-air, fans can see Amy and Tammy Slaton‘s weight loss progress, as they’re active on social media. However, fans have been saying they can’t see the ‘real’ them as they ‘hide behind’ filters.

It looks like the stars have been reading the comments, as we take a look at Tammy and Amy Slaton‘s unfiltered pics.

Tammy Slaton posts ‘beautiful’ photos without filters

As of late, the 1000-lb Sisters have been receiving many comments from fans asking them to ditch the filters as one wrote: “Too many filters to tell what she really looks like now.”

Taking to her Instagram after receiving backlash, Tammy posted a range of photos with the caption: “6 beautiful photos of myself without filters.”

Fans were loving that they’d got what they’d asked for as they rushed to compliment the star in the comments.

One wrote: “Beautiful! Congrats on your health journey, you look amazing and you’re a star.”

“You look great, congratulations, all your hard work shows. You are glowing from the inside out. Keep going beautiful,” commented another.

Others told the 1000-lb Sisters star she shouldn’t be ashamed of posting with the filters: “Your beautiful inside and out! Don’t let anyone tell you to stop using a filter. If you want to use them for fun, you use them!”

Amy Slaton follows suit as she posts with no filter

It isn’t just Tammy who’s been receiving the comments. Sister Amy, who is more prominent on TikTok, has also been receiving the same ‘criticism’.

The star posts many ‘photo dumps’ over on the platform, and just like Tammy, Amy Slaton followed suit by posting a range of unfiltered snaps.

In the caption of the video, she simply wrote: #nofilter.

Just like her sister, fans rushed to the comments to compliment the star on her natural look.

One wrote: “No filter and you look gorgeous.”

“Amazingly beautiful,” penned another.

The sisters have come a long way since season 1

Tammy and Amy were first introduced to viewers in 2020 when the pair weighed up to 1000 lb combined, however, they have come a long way in their weight journey.

Tammy’s weight loss has been dubbed ‘amazing’ by thousands of fans via social media, as Amy Slaton’s weight loss has also been dramatic, making it possible for her to have her two children, Glenn and Gage.

Although TLC has not yet announced season 5 of the show, fans can head over to the sisters’ social media to keep up with their lives, and their weight loss progression.

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