Swizz Beatz Sparks Speculation: Did He Sign Scar Lip to His Label?

Rapper Scar Lip is the new talk of the town as the lady is making everyone fall the talent of her songs, lyrics and whatnot giving rise to a rumour of Swizz Beatz signing her. Well, Scar Lip has lately risen to fame because of her talent that everyone has been praising including Cardi B. But is it really true that Swizz Beatz has signed Scar Lip?

Read ahead to know more if Swizz Beatz has signed Scar Lip.

A little about Scar Lip

Scar Lip has been a TikToker and social media personality from the beginning. However, the young talented girl from The Bronx, NY has actually gone popular on the internet now as rapper with her amazing tracks and lyrics that one cannot avoid.

She is best known for her track “This Is New York” and many other music videos. Scar Lip is considered a rising rapper who has been the talk of the town lately. She is famous for her lyrics, tracks and the energy that she puts into all her work. She has been even praised by Cardi B.

Rumours about Swizz Beatz signing Scar Lip

With the rising popularity of the rapper Scar Lip, there have been several rumours going on about her as well. One of which says that Swizz Beatz might sign Scar Lip. But is it really so? Well, only time will tell the truth about this rumour.

However, it was said that Swizz Beatz had tapped Scar Lip though for Hip Hop 50: Vol 2 EP. Meanwhile, not just Swizz Beatz but it seems like many others have begun to see a rising star in Scar Lip. As some time back even Cardi B posted about Scar Lip on her Instagram.

Scar Lip gets emotional on Cardi B praises her

Scar Lip has been giving performances and some time back she was there to perform at Met Gala 2023 as well. The event that’s always attended by Cardi B. Cardi had in fact reposted a video of Scar Lip on her Instagram captioning it as “I love her”.

When Scar Lip saw the post of Cardi B about her she couldn’t believe it and was in tears of joy. She said about the experience “Cardi B just posted me”. Adding further she said, “she inspired me. She from The Bronx, bro. I’m from The Bronx. She showed us young girls we could make it and we could be something, bro. I can’t f**king believe this s**t”. Scar Lip was indeed emotional to get the praise from Cardi B.

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