Heat-Celtics Game 6 clock controversy has fans in an uproar

Miami Heat fans are not happy with a controversial clock decision late in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. With Jimmy Butler and co. losing because of just a few milliseconds, the clock issue has been brought into focus by plenty of Miami faithful.

The issue started when Butler was fouled by Al Horford from the 3-point line in the closing seconds of the game. Based on video replays, there were less than three seconds left on the clock when Butler was fouled by Horford. The clock actually stopped at the 2.1-second mark, though the foul and the whistle occurred a bit earlier.

However, it surprised everyone when officials brought back the clock to three seconds. Many argued that it should have been less than that considering that the ball was still in play at the three-second mark prior to the whistle. Heat fans even brought out the receipts to make their point.

The clock issue, of course, is important because it really made the difference in the Heat’s narrow 104-103 defeat. To recall, Derrick White was able to make a putback shot before the buzzer sounded to lead the Celtics to victory. Nonetheless, had the clock been at less than three seconds, it would probably be Miami celebrating right now.

It remains to be seen if the NBA will issue an explanation with regards to the Game 6 clock controversy. It’s also unknown if the Heat will take any action about it, though it’s unlikely given how the league has addressed similar issues in the past.

Not to mention that there’s only a short gap between Games 6 and 7.

Sure enough, though, if the Heat end up getting eliminated after leading the series 3-0, that decision will be considered one of the biggest defining moments of the competition.