Browns receive a consensus 2023 NFL draft GPA of 2.87 for their haul

Every year, René Bugner compiles every media outlet that graded out draft classes to compile a consensus grade. He did the same for the 2023 NFL draft, taking into consideration 29 different evaluators to spit out a grade point average for every team. How did the Cleveland Browns grade out in this system despite lacking a first and second round pick for the second straight year?

According to Bugner’s GPA system, the Browns were given a final consensus grade of 2.87 for their haul. Cleveland might have had the biggest chasm of grades from evaluators, however, receiving high marks from some, but extremely low marks from others (most of which have to do with the trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson).

Overall, the Browns’ consensus grade landed them in the middle of the road, 18th in Bugner’s system.