Who Is Marten Laciny aka Marteria? German Rappear Arrested in North Carolina Charges!

This is to inform you about the people you do not know personally and you make them your idol recklessly however all are not the same. Some artists also have good behavior in person also to their fans but some have rude behavior toward their fans which is a disappointment. An artist went through many faces to reach their dream which involved many cases like being accused being of rude and some people who get jealous of the artist also spread the rumor hideous rumors about them. This also happens to a famous rapper from Germany Marteia. He was accused of choking a woman. Germany rapper Marteia which is his stage name. His full name is Marten Laciny who is born on 4 December 1982in Rostock, East Germany, and also known as Marsimoto.

Who Is Marten Laciny aka Marteria

He played football for Hansa Rockstock and Germany Under 17 teams before his music carrier started. Then he did modeling a job in New York City and worked for Diesel and Hugo Boss. He started his carrier in the music world at the age of 16. Marteria received training before appearing on many TV shows. He performed as part of the underdog cru in the largest hip-hop and reggae festival in Europe. he is also known as Marismoto. Marisomoto originated as a tribute to Quasimoto. He is married to German musician Jadu and has one son.

Who Is Marten Laciny aka Marteria?

This famous rapper was arrested on Thursday30 March in North California because of accused that he is choked a woman. Marteria was arrested accused of choking a woman and released on  $5000 bail. According to the legal who claimed and did an allegation against him had not presented more evidence which notes the presumption of innocence is valid. Spiegal declares that suspects are presumed innocent until a verdict is reached. Moreover who was she and what’s her name is not revealed but many of his fans and supporters are disappointed in Marteria when one of the fans said how you can do this I always thought you are a good person.

Another USA assault on a woman? His supporter who is 10+ years said that he can only hope this allegation is not true but if this is the case I am too disappointed and really speechless. Never ever i did expect something like that, for me, you were always one of the good ones. I hope this situation clears up soon. Marteria did not say anything until now upon this allegation whether this is true or not or whether anyone made a trap for him. If any information we get related to this case we will update you.

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