The Twitter Menswear Guy Spotted an Orange Makeup Stain on Trump’s Suit

A photo of Donald Trump in a Manhattan courtroom for his arraignment on April 4, 2023.

While the rest of the world marveled at the arrest of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon, Twitter’s resident menswear guru Derek Guy focused on something that, for him, was more important: Trump’s courtroom outfit. In his review, Guy discovered evidence not of criminal conduct, but supporting the age-old theory that the former president does indeed wear makeup, and lots of it, which his representatives have long denied.

Last week, Guy told his more than 150,000 Twitter followers that he would be reviewing Trump’s courtroom outfits “when the time presents itself.” Guy regularly reviews outfits from famous people on Twitter, from Chris Pine to King Charles III, so this wasn’t a surprise. When reviewing photos of the Manhattan courtroom from the Associated Press and Getty, Guy declared that Trump’s outfit was OK, noting that he “wore his signature red tie; good for politics but bold for court.”

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The biggest problem, according to Guy, was Trump’s suit jacket collar.

“Trump’s collar appears to be stained from cosmetics. Cosmetics are oil-based stains, unlike juice or sweat, which are water-based stains,” Guy decreed, later adding a thread on how to remove such stains. “Suits should always be dry-cleaned, but oil-based stains will require careful removal. Don’t wear stained suit jackets when appearing in court.”

The stain on Trump’s suit looks very much like a makeup stain to me, too, as someone who wears makeup and frequently encounters unintentional makeup stains on clothes in stores. When you zoom in on pictures of Trump, like Guy does in his post, you can even see a hint of orange, which many have speculated is Trump’s preferred makeup shade. Considering Guy’s extensive knowledge of menswear and clothes, it’s feels likely that he identified the stain.

Trump has denied wearing makeup to maintain his orange glow for years despite all evidence to the contrary. Some former White House aides have suggested the former president uses a tanning bed, given that the skin around his eyes tends to be lighter that the rest of his face, suggesting that it may be from the protective goggles used when residing in these devices. Other aides, meanwhile, have claimed Trump simply has “good genes.”

People who work for Trump have provided evidence to support the makeup theory, of which I am a firm believer. In a 2018 New York Times report, former Trump National Golf Club housekeeper Sandra Diaz, who was undocumented when she worked at Trump’s golf club, said the former president had an outburst in 2012 over some orange stains on the collar of his white golf shirt. According to the Times, Diaz said the stains were remnants of Trump’s orange makeup she simply couldn’t get out.

In a 2019 Washington Post story, Diaz described applying a drop of Trump’s Swiss makeup on her hand to confirm that it hadn’t dried up. She also made sure to keep three containers of face makeup from Bronx Colors in his bedroom. As told by Diaz, this forced housekeeping staff to frequently replace Trump’s shirts because of the “rust-colored stains” his makeup left after washing.

Now, thanks to Guy, we have yet another piece of evidence for the “Trump wears makeup” camp. Guy’s followers, including myself, were riveted.

“The hard hitting analysis I’m here for,” a user named Jen said in response to Guy’s discovery.

To be clear, wearing makeup is not anything to be ashamed about. Many politicians wear makeup. Many people in our society wear makeup. I personally wear and am delighted by makeup. What’s funny is seeing someone who is obviously wearing makeup say that they’re not wearing any or claim it’s all natural.

We have eyes, you know.

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