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Scott Disick launched his career modelling for book series about horses

Scott Disick is a reality star, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed lord. But before all these titles, he was a model for a teen book – about horses.

Before the Kardashians graced every magazine cover, Scott Disick was already working his magic. The 39-year-old made it onto covers before the famous family became a household name, so who says he’s Talentless?

Kendall Jenner may be the highest-paid model, but Scott paved the way with his broody expressions.

Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Photo Shoot - August 20, 2009
Photo by Frazer Harrison/KK/WireImage

Young Scott Disick posed up a storm for teen novel series

Scott has appeared on Men Health and likely every tabloid magazine due to his Kardashian relations, but before the glitz and glam, he was a model for the young adult book series, Heartland.

Created by Lauren Brooke, the 25-novel series follows a teen girl called Amy Fleming, who lives on a horse ranch called Heartland in Virginia, where she and her family heal and help abused or mistreated horses. Pretty wholesome, right?

The TV star didn’t grace every book cover, but he did make it onto two in February and October 2001. This means that Scott was about age 17 to 18 at the time.

Dressed in simple beige outfits, it’s a far cry from the dapper Disick we know today. The cane-wearing Lord Disick of 2011 would not approve of Heartland Scott.

Buzzfeed interviewed his female cover co-star, who recalled him as “so shy” and “silent mysterious type. He would wear really baggy clothes and had no sense of real style.”

Scott quietly turned up to the job with a backpack, giving the impression that he was a student secretly modeling for extra money, they noted. “He really just came in, got makeup done, stood in front of the camera, and left pretty silently too. I remember they put me on two shoe boxes to reach him – we could’ve made out.”

Photos of a young Scott Disick: From fresh-faced teen to reality boyfriend


The same year Scott made it as a book model, he had his mugshot snapped. According to E Online, he was caught driving under the influence and pleaded guilty to a non-criminal charge of driving while impaired by alcohol.

Khloe posted the mugshot in honor of his 31st birthday in 2014:


Jonathan Cheban also posted a major throwback for the Lord’s 31st birthday. The image was captured on May 20, at FRx Clothing’s one-year anniversary event. Scott would’ve been about age 20:

FRx Clothing Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage


The clothing brand founder posed with Rod Stewart’s daughters – Ruby and Kimberly – at the Oakley fall 2006 fashion show in February 2006.

Patrick McMullan Archives
Photo by Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images


Nobody could rock the sweater-around-shoulders look like he did.

Retro Sport at Kari Feinstein Primetime Emmy Awards Style Lounge - Day 1
Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage


He was always adventurous with his suits:

Celebrity Sightings at Palm Beach International Polo
Photo by Larry Marano/WireImage


The cane was an iconic phase.

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