Rich Homie Quan finally apologizes to Roddy Ricch after online feud

The whole Rich Homie Quan and Roddy Ricch drama finally seem to have settled down, as Homie Quan issued an apology after a heated exchange of words. The rapper Quan accused Roddy Ricch of stealing his song, which the musician denied, and told him to focus on creating music instead of being resentful. According to Rich Homie Quan’s Instagram stories, he just spoke with Roddy Richardch. It’s all smooth now that we’ve sorted it out like men. My apologies for my current position, and I am taking this opportunity to demonstrate that we can find solutions through conversations. #RHQ.

DJ Drama released I’m Really That, a highly anticipated album featuring several big names in the hip-hop industry, triggering the entire controversy. Although Rich Homie Quan submitted his verse for the song FMFU, he was disappointed to learn that it did not make the album. A track featuring Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Roddy Ricch was instead released. In an Instagram Live session, Rich Homie Quan, 33, expressed his frustration toward Roddy Ricch. As a result, the two artists got into a beef.

A Beef Between Rich Homie Quan And Roddy Ricch Is Explored As Former Apologize For FMFU Drama

Apparently, the whole Rich Homie Quan/Roddy Ricch drama has settled down, as Homie Quan issued an apology following the heated exchange. Roddy Ricch denied stealing Quan’s song after he accused him of doing so, calling on Quan to focus on creating new music instead of being resentful. The highly anticipated album featuring several big names in the rap world by DJ Drama, I’m Really That, was met with a lot of drama. Homie Quan was disappointed that his verse for FMFU was not included on the album, despite submitting it. It was instead a track featuring Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Roddy Ricch. A 33-year-old Rich Homie Quan expressed his frustration with Roddy Ricch during an Instagram Live session. The two artists got into a beef over this. Homie Quan had a lot to say before Roddy Ricch reconciled with him. While playing the verse he had submitted for DJ Drama’s album, he expressed how disappointed he was that his verse wasn’t included on FMFU, something he believed Roddy Ricch was responsible for.

Rich Homie Quan said: That’s what I expected. Man, even if you don’t want me on the song, somebody could have called me. Rich Homie Quan stated that he should have been notified if Roddy Ricch did not want him to be on the song. In addition, RHQ challenged Roddy Ricch to a Verzuz, a popular music battle format, without naming anyone else. Later, he discussed Gucci Mane and said: Nothing against Gucci Mane, because I love Gucci. I wouldn’t be on that song when I got it. Also, Roddy Richh responded to Rich Homie Quan on Instagram, saying: I didn’t even know you were on the phone, you too old for this internet stuff. Drama got the hook and I let them handle the rest. Ain’t been no n*gga to stop anybody from eating, especially a n*gga I don’t even know. I’m around, champ. Fans and netizens are pleased that the beef between the two lasted a short while, and was resolved amicably without any drama or hassle.