My wife altered the photo, and my dad is going to flip out

DEAR ABBY: Every year, my wife makes a photo book of the family and sends it to everyone.

This year, she included a picture taken during a nephew’s birthday party. In it, my father is wearing a politically charged T-shirt; my wife photoshopped out the offending (to us) message.

When I asked her to not do that, but instead to remove the entire photo, she refused. She said there were no other good photos from the party, so her only option was to remove the message on the shirt.

I’m opposed because my father will be angry when he realizes his shirt has been altered in the photo. He will then bring it up at every opportunity and berate me, my wife and even my mother about how terrible it was to do that, and for us not to bother ever sending him another photo book again, despite my mother looking forward to it every year.

What is your advice for us?