Marburg Virus; Dubai’s Emirates Issues An Advisory Regarding For Passengers Traveling To Oman

(CTN News) – A travel alert has been issued by Dubai’s flagship airline Emirates to its passengers, Marburg Virus advising them of health and travel guidelines that the Sultanate of Oman has imposed as a result of the outbreak of the Marburg virus in two countries around the world.


The airline told its customers in its latest advisory that, if they feel unwell within 21 days of arriving in Oman – and if they have travelled from the affected countries – they must isolate themselves until they feel better and seek immediate medical attention.


The Republic of Tanzania and Guinea are among the countries that have been identified as being affected by this epidemic.

Oman’s health authorities advise travellers to postpone their trips to these countries or to take precautions if they must travel urgently.

Dubai-Dar es Salaam flights are operating according to a normal schedule, the airline said, and flights between the two cities are scheduled to operate as usual.

A press release says that reports of Marburg virus are closely monitored, including updated guidance from relevant health authorities, according to the release.

UAE has just issued similar isolation guidelines for arriving travellers who have previously visited these two locations and have visited another one.

It has also been recommended by the Marburg Virus Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) that they seek medical attention at the nearest health facility or at the emergency department of a hospital if there are any.

In light of this, people who have traveled to the affected areas have been advised to inform the medical staff whether they have been in an area where the Marburg virus disease is spreading or if they have come into contact with an infected individual, as stated in a prior statement by the Mohap.

As well as this, it is recommended that those who exhibit Marburg Virus symptoms of hemorrhagic fever for more than 21 days seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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