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LSU Forward Angel Reese Shuts Down NBA YoungBoy Dating Rumors with a Powerful “Please Stop

LSU’s Angel Reese: A Rising Star or A Controversial Figure?

LSU Tigers emerged as the champions of the NCAA championship game against Iowa Hawkeyes, and Angel Reese was one of the key players who played a crucial role in this historic win.

However, her controversial taunt towards Iowa’s Caitlin Clark made headlines for all the wrong reasons, leaving her labeled as “Classless” by fans and garnering attention from NBA icons.

Despite the backlash, Reese is undoubtedly one of the leading players on the LSU team, dominating in almost all departments, with the exception of steals.

Angel Reese
Angel Reese (Image: Source)

However, rumors about her alleged dating life have taken over social media platforms, especially after a tweet captioned, “NBA YoungBoy got HIMSELF a New Girlfriend who Goes To LSU & Plays Basketball” surfaced online.

Although the rapper has not commented on this tweet linking him to the LSU Tigers forward, it has sparked massive speculation about Reese’s personal life.

Angel Reese’s Stellar Performance

Angel Reese‘s performance on the court has been exceptional. She has consistently delivered remarkable performances for the LSU Tigers, earning her the status of a rising star in the college basketball scene. With her remarkable agility, strength, and speed, Reese is considered one of the top college basketball players today.

Despite her controversial on-court behavior, there is no denying that Reese is a vital player for the LSU Tigers. She leads the team in several key statistical categories, including points, rebounds, and blocks. Her exceptional skills have led the LSU Tigers to several victories and enabled them to clinch the NCAA championship title.

The Rumors Surrounding Reese’s Personal Life

Apart from her on-court performance, Reese has been in the limelight for her personal life. Recently, rumors about her dating life have surfaced online, with fans speculating that she is currently seeing rapper NBA YoungBoy.

While there has been no official confirmation regarding these rumors, they have sparked a lot of buzz among basketball fans and followers of the rapper. As a result, many people are keen to know more about Reese’s personal life and whether there is any truth to these rumors.

Angel Reese
Angel Reese (Image: Source)

The Verdict

In conclusion, Angel Reese is undoubtedly a talented player, and her on-court performances have been nothing short of exceptional. Her recent controversial behavior may have garnered attention for all the wrong reasons, but there is no denying that she is a key player for the LSU Tigers.

As for the rumors surrounding her personal life, there is no official confirmation to support these claims. Until then, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt and focus on Angel Reese’s incredible basketball skills. She is undoubtedly a rising star in the college basketball scene, and fans are eagerly anticipating her next move on the court.

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Angel Reese Denies Relationship with NBA YoungBoy and Focuses on NCAA Women’s Basketball

Angel Reese, the LSU Tigers’ forward, has been making headlines recently due to rumors linking her to the rapper NBA YoungBoy. However, Reese quickly put an end to these rumors by commenting on a photo circulating on Twitter, stating that she is not the rapper’s girlfriend.

Clearing the Air

In her comment, Reese made it clear that she is not interested in getting into the dating circle at the moment, as she is focused on the most important game of the year. She led LSU to the finals of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, which demonstrates her dedication to her sport.

It is evident from Reese’s statement that there is no truth to the rumors linking her to NBA YoungBoy. While the rapper has not commented on the rumors himself, it can be assumed that the rumors are baseless.

NBA YoungBoy’s Current Relationship

NBA YoungBoy is currently married to Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes, whom he tied the knot with earlier this year. According to People, the rapper has ten children with different women in his life, including two with Mychelle. Nora, their first child, was born in 2021, while their latest child, Klemenza Tru, was born last year.

Limited Interaction between Reese and NBA YoungBoy

The only connection between Angel Reese and NBA YoungBoy was when they went on Instagram Live together. During the video, NBA YoungBoy was seen smiling, which some may have interpreted as a romantic connection. However, it is clear from Reese’s comments that this was not the case.

Angel Reese
Angel Reese (Image: Source)

Angel Reese: The Rising Basketball Star from Randallstown, Maryland

Angel Reese is a name that is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of basketball. Born on May 6, 2002, in Randallstown, Maryland, Angel was raised by her mother as a single parent after her parents separated. Her mother played a significant role in shaping her as a person, and her love for basketball.

Early Life and Family Background

Angel Reese was born to Michael Reese and Angel Reese. Her father remarried, and she has a stepbrother named Mikael Hopkins. She also has a younger brother, Julian, who plays basketball for the University of Maryland. Growing up, Angel was part of a family of basketball players, and it’s no surprise that she too developed a keen interest in the sport.

Sports Background

Angel was an active child and was involved in several sports activities in school. She participated in basketball, swimming, track, and ballet. However, basketball was always her passion, and she excelled in the sport. Angel’s dedication and love for the game were evident from an early age.


Angel completed her high school education at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. She played basketball for her high school team and earned several accolades for her performance. After completing high school, she went on to join the University of Maryland in 2020, where she studied communication.

Angel made an impressive debut for the Maryland Terrapins and was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year in the 2020-2021 season. She averaged 13.3 points and 7.5 rebounds per game in her freshman year. However, in her sophomore year, Angel transferred to Louisiana State University, where she continues to pursue her passion for basketball.

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Angel Reese: Biographical Details

Real NameAngel Reese
Birth Date6 May 2002
Age (as of 2023)20 Years
Birth PlaceRandallstown, Maryland, United States
ProfessionBasketball Player
CollegeLouisiana State University 

Physical Statistics

Heightin feet inches – 6’ 3” – in Centimeters – 191 cm
Weightin Kilograms – 62 kg  –  in Pounds –  000 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack


FatherMichael Reese
MotherAngel Reese
BrotherJulian Reese

Becoming a Force to Reckon With: Diamond Miller’s College Career

Diamond Miller has quickly become a household name in the world of college basketball. With her impressive skills on the court, she has earned numerous accolades and recognition.

Angel Reese
Angel Reese

A Strong Start Despite Early Injury

Miller made her debut for the Maryland Terrapins on November 27, 2020, in a game against Davidson. Despite being a freshman, she wasted no time in making her presence felt, recording a season-high of 20 points and nine rebounds in a dominant 94-72 win.

However, in just her fourth game, Miller suffered a Jones fracture in her right foot, which forced her to undergo surgery and sit out for almost three months.

Despite her setback, Miller returned to the court on February 23, 2021, and immediately proved that she was still a force to be reckoned with. She came off the bench but quickly made an impact, showcasing her impressive skills and determination.

By the end of her freshman season, she had averaged 10 points and six rebounds per game, earning herself a spot on the Big Ten All-Freshman team.

Rising to the Challenge in Her Sophomore Year

In her sophomore year, Miller took her game to the next level. She developed into one of the top offensive rebounders in the country and played an integral role in Maryland’s success on the court. She continued to showcase her impressive skills and helped lead her team to numerous victories.

One of the key factors in Miller’s success is her ability to stay focused and determined, even in the face of adversity. Her early injury could have derailed her college career, but she refused to let it hold her back. Instead, she used it as motivation to come back stronger and prove her worth on the court.

Looking Ahead

As Miller’s college career continues to flourish, many are excited to see what the future holds for her. With her impressive skills and unwavering determination, it’s clear that she has what it takes to make a lasting impact in the world of college basketball.

In conclusion, Diamond Miller’s college career has been nothing short of remarkable. From her impressive debut game to her current success, she has proven herself to be a true force to be reckoned with. As she continues to rise through the ranks, it’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Angel Reese Height: A Look at the Rising Star’s Physical Attributes

Angel Reese is a young basketball player from Baltimore, Maryland, who has quickly risen to prominence in the world of sports. With her impressive skills on the court and towering height, it’s no surprise that she is considered one of the top prospects for the WNBA.

Angel Reese was born on November 29, 2001, in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended St. Frances Academy, where she honed her skills on the basketball court. By the time she was a junior, she had already established herself as one of the top players in the country.

In her senior year, she led her team to a national championship and was named the Gatorade Maryland Girls Basketball Player of the Year.

Height Advantage

One of the most striking physical attributes of Angel Reese is her height. Standing at an impressive 1.91 m (6’3″), she towers over many of her opponents.

Angel Reese
Angel Reese

This height advantage gives her a unique edge on the court, particularly in areas such as rebounding and shot-blocking. With her long arms and high reach, she is able to snatch rebounds out of the air and swat away shots with ease.

Dominating the Court

Angel Reese’s height not only gives her a competitive edge, but it also helps her to dominate opponents. She is able to use her size and strength to muscle her way to the basket, scoring points and making plays that other players simply can’t. Her commanding presence on the court often draws the attention of defenders, freeing up space for her teammates to make their own moves.

Looking Ahead

As Angel Reese continues to grow and develop her skills, it’s likely that she will continue to be a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. Her height is just one of the many physical attributes that make her a standout player, and it will be exciting to see how she continues to use it to her advantage in the years to come.


  • Basketball was invented in December 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor. He created the game as a way to keep his students active during the winter months.
  • The first basketball game was played in Springfield, Massachusetts, on December 21, 1891. The game was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets as the hoops.
  • The first official basketball game was played on January 20, 1892, in Springfield College’s gymnasium, which was then known as the International YMCA Training School.
  • The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1949, and it is the world’s premier men’s professional basketball league. Today, the NBA has 30 teams, with 29 in the United States and one in Canada.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters, a basketball team known for their incredible dribbling, passing, and dunking skills, were founded in 1926. The team has played more than 20,000 exhibition games in over 120 countries.

  • The highest-scoring basketball game in NBA history was played on December 13, 1983, between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The final score was 186-184 in triple overtime.
  • The tallest player in NBA history was Gheorghe Muresan, who stood 7 feet 7 inches tall. The shortest player in NBA history was Muggsy Bogues, who stood 5 feet 3 inches tall.
  • Basketball is the second most popular team sport in the world, after soccer. It is estimated that over 450 million people play basketball worldwide.
  • Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. During his career, he won six NBA championships and five MVP awards.
  • Basketball has become a global phenomenon, with the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) World Cup held every four years. The United States has won the most gold medals in the men’s tournament, with 15.


1. What are the rumors surrounding Angel Reese and NBA YoungBoy?

Ans: There have been rumors circulating that LSU Forward Angel Reese is romantically involved with the rapper NBA YoungBoy.

2. Are the rumors true?

Ans: No, the rumors are not true. Angel Reese has publicly denied any romantic involvement with NBA YoungBoy.

3. Why did Angel Reese address the rumors?

Ans: Angel Reese addressed the rumors because they were causing unnecessary and untrue speculation about her personal life. She wanted to set the record straight and put an end to the rumors.

4. What was Angel Reese’s response to the rumors?

Ans: Angel Reese responded to the rumors with a powerful message on Twitter. She said, “Please stop. I’m just trying to focus on my game and my schoolwork. I’m not involved with NBA YoungBoy or anyone else for that matter.”

5. Is Angel Reese currently dating anyone?

Ans: Angel Reese has not publicly disclosed any information about her dating life. However, she has made it clear that the rumors about her being involved with NBA YoungBoy are false.

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