Loren Brovarnik Quashes Ozempic Rumors While Flaunting Post-Baby Body

For a while now, 90 Day Fiance fans have wondered how Loren Brovarnik’s post-baby body came to be.

She has “three under three.” That alone would keep most people out of the gym.

But Loren has managed to “bounce back” from welcoming her third child. Half a year later, she looks stunningly slender.

How did she do it? Well, we can tell you exactly how she didn’t.

0403 lorenbrovarnik 01
Taking to social media in late March of 2023, Loren Brovarnik flaunted her incredible post-baby body. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days star Loren Brovarnik recently shared a pair of mirror selfies on Instagram.

Posting in front of her home’s circuit breaker panel, she served up two looks.

In the first, she showed off her vibrant red polish on her bare feet and her slender, fit arms in a spaghetti strap top.

0403 lorenbrovarnik 02
Sporting a stylish jacket, Loren Brovarnik snapped this mirror selfie in front of a distracting circuit breaker. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In the second, Loren struck a familiar pose. This time, she wore shoes and a strikingly stylish jacket.

While we might recommend getting some sort of wall hanging to obscure the circuit breaker next time, all eyes were really on Loren.

Her body looks incredible … and almost unbelievable considering how recently she had her third child … and how recently she had the second and first, for that matter.

0314 lorenbrovarnik 01
In March of 2023, Loren Brovarnik shared this jaw-dropping mirror selfie to flaunt her post-baby body just six months after childbirth. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actually, Loren’s post-baby weight loss journey has struck some fans as incredible. As in, literally incredible — not credible.

Some have come out and directly accused her of digitally altering images of herself.

Whether it’s just a filter or full-on photoshop, some commenters have accused her of faking pics to look thinner.

0224 lorenbrovarnik 01
Beloved fan-favorite Loren Brovarnik showed off her post-baby body less than half a year following her emergency C-section. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

There has been another, more sinister accusation in Loren’s comments. This time, it’s not about photo editing — it’s medical.

Some have accused her of misusing Ozempic, a life-saving diabetes medicine, in order to suppress her hunger and thus shed weight more quickly.

Ozempic use by rich people to lose weight has caused documented shortages in the United States in Australia in recent years. There are people who need these medications to live, but some have used them as a luxury to facilitate short-term weight loss.

0403 lorenbrovarnik ig 01
In her Instagram caption, Loren Brovarnik made it clear that she is not using filters or Ozempic to achieve her post-baby body. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Well, Loren wants everyone to know that she is not doing anything of the sort.

She avoided going into a lot of detail in her caption, but she wrote that she is using “no filter” in her tags. And she also wrote “NOT on Ozempic,” in case there was any doubt.

Her weight-loss secret? “Hard work pays off,” Loren shared. That’s not true for everyone — two people can do the same grueling workouts and diets with radically different results — but clearly, that has been the case for Loren.