Jenna Ortega’s Disturbing Blood-Soaked Selfie Raises Concerns Among Fans

In an Instagram post, Jenna Ortega shared a groy selfie that caused concern among her fans. Thank goodness it was all fake blood! In a photo, the ‘Wednesday’ star can be seen using Neutrogena’s ‘ultra-soft’ wipes to wash her face and neck. Scream VI star shares behind-the-scenes photos from her Saturday Night Live debut following the cleaning of fake blood from her neck. Jenna shared three stunning photos backstage as she prepared for the iconic show. On March 11, 2023, Jenna Ortega hosted the premiere episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’. A behind-the-scenes photo of Jenna Ortega getting dressed with her makeup squad in her SNL dressing room was shared with Jenna’s 40.7 million Instagram followers.

Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega recreated a scene from ‘The Parent Trap’ with Fred Armisen. In preparation for her big night, Jenna seemed relaxed with her glam squad as she got ready for her big night. A dark, immaculately dressed 20-year-old actress wore a stylish, sheer black outfit with a vibrant red flower on her lapel to reference Wednesday’s gothic fashion. The caption for Ortega’s three photos reads, “Backstage at SNL,” and she thanks her hair and makeup artists.

Is Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega fine? The Internet Is Alarmed By The Star’s Blood-Soaked Selfie

Fans were concerned when Jenna Ortega shared a groy selfie on her Instagram account. Thankfully, it was just fake blood! With Neutrogena’s ‘ultra-soft’ face wipes, the ‘Wednesday’ star cleansed her face and neck. The ‘Scream VI’ star shared behind-the-scenes photos of her ‘SNL’ debut after removing the fake blook. Three stunning photos show Jenna backstage getting ready for the iconic show. A gruesome selfie was posted on Jenna Ortega’s Instagram account on Wednesday. The blood, however, was not real. The ‘Wednesday’ star uploaded several Instagram photos showing her removing her red neck’s colour with Neutrogena’s “ultra-soft cleaning towelettes”. Following a hard day of filming on set, the Neutrogena brand ambassador seemed to be unwinding.

In the caption, the actress wrote, Without fail @neutrogena. ‘Saturday Night Live’ premiered on March 11, 2023, hosted by Jenna Ortega. With co-star Fred Armisen, she also recreated ‘The Parent Trap scene. Her 40.7 million Instagram followers got a look at Jenna getting ready behind the scenes in her SNL dressing room. It was clear Jenna was at ease with her glam squad as she prepped for her big night, which ended up being a huge success. As she referenced Wednesday’s gothic fashion with her dark, immaculate beauty, the actress wore a stylish, sheer black outfit with a vibrant red flower on her lapel. In her captions, Ortega thanked her hair and makeup artists as well as her backstage crew.