Group lauds Ajaka 

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Hope Kogi Development Initiative (HKDI), an NGO whose programme clusters include infrastructural development, entrepreneurial development, economic, political and corporate governance among other development programmes in Kogi state and the country at large, has given kudos to the deputy publicity secretary and governorship aspirant in Kogi state, Hon. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka.

Recognising Ajaka for his sterling leadership qualities during the group’s Inspirational Leadership Award Forum, the coordinator, Comrade Monday Damian, described him as a ‘man whose visionary leadership and life-changing values produced inspiration beyond the state.

Ajaka’s virtues, integrity, commitment and character are exemplary traits necessary to nurture Kogi state into top 20 capital cities in the world, consistent with the vision 2030.

Damian said Ajaka is the “first with the new” in reference to his unprecedented human capital and infrastructure development in Kogi state. 

“Ajaka is a high potential personality who is ever true to his words, pragmatic and exceptionally loyal to the cause of his people. And because he is good, zealous, practical and strategic in thoughts and actions, he represents for us an inspiration. His constructive and positive attitude to work and socio-political issues make him a testament to the desirable quality of our leadership.

“We, therefore, stand in solidarity with him and wish him more resounding success”, he said.

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