Friendship Born at White Sox Games Evolves Into Life-Saving Bond After Kidney Donation – NBC Chicago

Two lifelong White Sox fans shared renewed life at Monday’s home opener at Guaranteed Rate Field thanks to a kidney donation, culminating a harrowing but remarkable journey.

Lisa Polk is an organ donor recipient who says her living donor has a “halo over his head,”

Polk is referring to Kevin Fuller, a fellow season ticket holder for the White Sox. Polk and her husband would catch up with Fuller and his partner every Opening Day, catching up on what happened in the offseason.

This was the extent of their friendship until 2021, when the yearly conversation took a somber tone.

Polk informed Fuller that she was in need of a kidney transplant, and had been undergoing dialysis for over a year.

Polk and Fuller discovered they shared an O-positive blood type.

Half-jokingly, Polk had asked Fuller if he would give her one of his kidneys, but what may have started as a light-hearted joke soon turned into reality.

Several months later she was on the donor list, and Fuller gave Polk a call.

Fuller and Polk matched, and Fuller donated one of his kidneys, helping to save Polk’s life and establishing a new bond in one of the unlikeliest connections.

“He is my angel. I had been on dialysis for a year already people don’t talk about dialysis or needing a kidney. But they need to get the word out. Getting a living donor is a blessing,” Polk said.

In the process, Kevin improved his own life.

“On the one-year anniversary, we’re going out to dinner. What else can I do? I mean, what do you say to somebody who saved your life? Thank you is not enough,” Polk said.

Wednesday marked “living donor” day at Guaranteed Rate Field, honoring those living who have donated one of their organs.

For those interested in becoming a donor, you can visit the websites of The Kidney Registry and the National Kidney Foundation for more information.