Billionaire John Paulson’s girlfriend’s weight loss tips

Alina de Almeida, the girlfriend of John Paulson, has given a glimpse into her glam life on the arm of the billionaire financier — while doling out diet tips in a Florida magazine.

The hedge funder, 67, whose net worth is an estimated $3 billion, has been with de Almeida, 34, since 2021. 

In September of that year, he left his wife of 21 years, Jenny, after shacking up with the dietician.

Speaking to Palm Beach mag, Palmer, de Almeida reminds readers to keep sodium low by ordering sauces, cheese and dressing to be served on the side.

“A perfect example occurred over the course of a divine French meal at Le Bilboquet,” she said of the famous Upper East Side bistro.

“On the menu that evening was a La Salade Bilboquet to start, and I opted for their signature lemon dressing on the side [instead of] the heavy Roquefort.”

And when ordering the Dover sole at Sant Ambroeus, she says, “I requested it be cooked with oil, not butter, and for any sauces to be placed on the side.” 

De Almeida also reminds us to be “mindful” when eating.

John Paulson, Alina de Almeida, and Mayor Eric Adams
Paulson split with his wife of over 20 years in 2021 after shacking up with de Almeida.
Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

“Chew your food slowly and take small bites,” she says.

Another tip: Drink water before eating.

“By hydrating before meals, you’ll also curb your hunger and wind up eating less,” she said.

John Paulson and  Alina de Almeida
Paulson and de Almeida are seen at the 2022 US Open.
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And, of course, exercise is a must.

“A walk on the lake trail, an online yoga or Pilates class, a brisk walk along the beach, or laps swimming in the pool” are some suggestions the health pro offers.

As Page Six previously reported, Paulson’s ex Jenny was blindsided by the divorce: She found out he had filed by reading about it in Page Six.

Jenny was asking for at least $1 billion in their bombshell split.

She also separately accused the hedge-fund billionaire of setting up a “secretive web of trusts” to hide money from her, according to court documents.

In December, he tried to get the case dismissed.