Aykroyd won’t stop pitching Blues Brothers sequels to Jim Belushi

Blues Brothers sequel

If you thought the original The Blues Brothers didn’t warrant a sequel–especially after John Belushi’s death–then you undoubtedly don’t think 1998’s illogically titled Blues Brothers 2000 does. Still, that hasn’t stopped ideas for another Blues Brothers sequel from popping into star Dan Aykroyd’s head, something he has pestered Belushi’s younger brother, Jim, about for some time now.

In a new interview, Jim Belushi revealed that Dan Aykroyd has several ideas as to how to turn The Blues Brothers into a full-blown trilogy. “[Dan Aykroyd] actually, you know, he’s always got ideas. I mean, he’s got this whole thing about, you know, ‘I find Jake’s brother in Albania, you know. I find out there was another brother, a Blues Brother. And I go to Albania and I find him and I bring him out. He doesn’t speak English.’” This additional brother may have turned out to be Zee Blues, the character Jim Belushi was originally intended to play in Blues Brothers 2000.

But the Albanian-set Blues Brothers sequel isn’t the only idea Aykryod has for a potential threequel. “I mean, he’s got all kinds of ideas,” continued Belushi. The Blues Sisters, he wants to do one with the Blues Brothers but Blues Sisters. You know, he’s a creative son of a gun.” However, no matter how many pitches Aykroyd tosses his way, Belushi is quite certain that the brothers Blues won’t be reuniting again.

The original Blues Brothers remains one of the most beloved comedy movies of the 1980s, later being recognized by the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. The sequel, Blues Brothers 2000, meanwhile, was both a critical and commercial failure. Instead of being considered “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”, we here at JoBlo deemed it “awfully good.”

Interest in another Blues Brothers sequel seems highly unlikely. However, Aykroyd has been part of additional installments of some other classics, most recently appearing as Ray Stantz in 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Unfortunately, we have yet to get the much-deserved follow-up to Doctor Detroit.

Do you think we need another sequel to The Blues Brothers? Could any of Dan Aykroyd’s threequel ideas work with modern audiences? Let us know your take in the comments section below.