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American Idol teens 'amazing' performance left Katy Perry with chills

Season 21 of American Idol has raised the bar with the talent, and Platinum Ticket winners Kaylin Hedges and Tyson Venegas have raised the bar even higher as their joint performance left Katy Perry with body chills.

The rising American Idol stars left a huge impact on the judges during their auditions, and it seems like they’ve left even more of an impact when their powerhouse voices join forces for a rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen, leaving judge Katy Perry speechless.

We take a closer look at Kaylin Hedges and Tyson Venegas and their auditions.

Who is Kaylin Hedges?

Kaylin Hedges is a 15-year-old from New York who received a Platnum Ticket at this year’s American Idol.

Her audition on the ABC show was one to remember, as the ticket wasn’t her only surprise.

The 15-year-old’s stunning performance of I’m Already There, dedicated to her dad in the military ended with him walking through the audition doors, reducing her to tears.

Kaylin can be found on Instagram @kaylinhedgesofficial. At the time of writing, she has an impressive 16.2k followers, and we’re sure that’s set to rise.

Meet Tyson Venegas

17-year-old Tyson is no stranger to the spotlight as he competed in The Voice Teens Philippines.

He took to the piano to sing his rendition of New York State of mind in his audition, which led to him receiving the first Platinum ticket of the series.

Lionel Richie called Tyson’s mom into the room as he couldn’t believe he was just 17, claiming he ‘sings like a 45-year-old man.’

He then called the audition ‘spot on perfection.’

Tyson can be found on Instagram @tysonvenegas and at the time of writing has 18.3k followers.

Kaylin Hedges and Tyson Venegas take the American Idol stage

Joining forces, on Monday’s episode, the two came together to sing Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now.

“The two of you complimented each other perfectly, amazing,” said Lionel Richie. Katy then went on to explain how she had full-body chills, supported by a video showing the goosebumps on her legs.

The rendition earnt them a standing ovation from the crowd and judges.

On the Instagram video teaser, one fan wrote: “I had goose pimples too wow absolutely fantastic fabulous marvelous both of them.”

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