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Amazon offers an exclusive look of its new facility in BR

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – For the first time, Amazon showed the inside of a massive new fulfillment center at the Cortana Mall’s old location.

The development of the new logistics center is in full swing. The five-story, 3.4 million square foot building will house the brand new facility.

New Amazon setup (wafb)

The site will serve as the place where more than a million packages will be picked, packed and shipped across the country.

“We’ve done so much work over the past few months to get this site ready,” said Amazon’s Divina Mims.

The location is responsible for distributing smaller customer items such as books, toys, electronics and other household items weighing up to 25 pounds.

New Amazon setup (wafb)

“We are delighted to call Baton Rouge our home. This is a great opportunity for us to expand our network,” continued Mims.

Once construction is complete and the tape is cut, this will be Louisiana’s second Amazon fulfillment center.

The first was built in Lafayette and the third is on the way to Shreveport.

“Amazon has a unique way of choosing where we place new websites. We have opened new facilities due to demand,” added Mims.

New locations mean new jobs. The new facility will create over 1,000 new full-time jobs.

“A thousand jobs are huge and on top of that they pay better. We’re going to see a big impact from that,” said Morgan Almeida of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

New Amazon setup (wafb)

At the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, the economic development team worked closely with Amazon throughout the process.

“We are very excited about the associated capital investment of over $200 million,” said Almeida.

However, the process is not without bumps in the road.

“We started that a few years ago. It takes time to build that infrastructure and get things ready,” Mims added.

The facility is scheduled to open in mid-2024.

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