2023 Masters: Changes to golf course at Augusta National include overhaul of Hole No. 13

Augusta National Golf Club will host the 87th Masters this week. The revered course has undergone some renovations since Scottie Scheffler put on the green jacket last April — most significantly on the par-5 13th hole.

The hole was lengthened by 35 yards, from 510 to 545, since last year’s Masters. The increase came from moving the tee back, which will make what many consider to be the course’s easiest hole more challenging. With a dogleg left on the fairway and water around the green, the longer drive will force golfers to take three strokes to get to the green rather than the standard two, unless they are willing to take a big risk.

“There’s a great quote from Bobby Jones dealing specifically with the 13th hole, which has been lengthened over time, and he said that the decision to go for the green in two should be a momentous one,” Masters Tournament Chairman Fred Ridley said. “And I would have to say that our observations of these great players hitting middle and even short irons into that hole is not a momentous decision.”

Last year saw changes at the 11th and 15th holes ahead of the 2022 Masters. Golfers will tee off on Thursday, April 6 for a tradition unlike any other.