xQc slams Kim Kardashian over North West’s TikTok account and Ice Spice cosplay

xQc, the Canadian Twitch streamer, and internet personality have recently criticized Kim Kardashian for allowing North West to be on TikTok. Previously even Kanye West had hit out at his ex-wife for allowing their young daughter to use the platform. Meanwhile, now a video of North cosplaying rapper Ice Spice came out. xQc has come forward to criticize North West’s mother.

Read ahead to know more about Twitch streamer xQc criticizes Kim Kardashian for allowing North West to use TikTok.

North West’s TikTok video cosplaying rapper Ice Spice goes viral

While the TikTok craze is something irresistible. We have most of the celebs on the platform. Kim Kardashian is one of them who has millions of followers on the app. While her daughter North West to uses the app with her mother to post videos.

Though all the videos of North West go popular on TikTok. Recently North West posted a video cosplaying the rapper Ice Spice and it has been going viral for the wrong reasons. Not to miss rapper Ice Spice too is a famous rapper known mainly for the explicit lyrics of her songs.

The video of North West cosplaying rapper Ice Spice gets deleted

Ever since internet users got to see the video of North West on TikTok cosplaying rapper Ice Spice. They have been criticizing daughter of Kim saying she is “going too far”. Not just that, netizens even went on to criticize Kim for it.

While netizens believe North is really young for using TikTok. Her recent cosplay of Ice Spice which has been deleted certainly brought both Kim and North on the radar of netizens. Meanwhile, it isn’t known whether Kim or someone else deleted the video of North following the criticism.

xQc criticizes Kim Kardashian for allowing North to use TikTok

Twitch streamer and internet personality xQc lately came forward to comment on Kim Kardashian about the latter allowing her daughter to use TikTok. During a live stream, he said “i know it’s some f*cking pop culture type shit, yo, what is up with Kim Kardashian letting her child go absolutely f*cking wild on TikTok and sh*t?.

Further, he went on to say “F*ck is that about, man? Yo, stein, i hate to say sh*t like this, Kanye was right”. Not to forget, even Kanye disliked the fact that Kim Kardashian allowed her daughter North West to be on TikTok so early.

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