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Wollies to remain open despite eviction reports

The Wollies Animal Project will remain on its current premises despite reports that the shelter has been evicted from the property.

Further claims that have been circulating stated that the shelter would have to close its doors and put the animals in their care to sleep.

The animal shelter put out a statement to assure their supporters that all the animals are safe and their doors are open.

Founder of the organisation Cilla Trexler said a few years ago Wollies received a request from the property owner to vacate the premises.

“We, however, commenced a negotiation process to settle the terms and conditions for the use of the property.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, the negotiation process was not concluded.”

Recently, the shelter received another notice from the property owner giving them the option to either vacate the premises within the next 30 days or formalise a lease agreement.

“With the support of our legal team, we are engaging with the legal representatives of the property owner to resolve the matter amicably by concluding sustainable terms and conditions that will enable us to remain on the current premises.”

Trexler noted that they will remain on the premises pending negotiations and, should the current status change, they will seek legal advice.

“We anticipate a positive outcome to the situation. We want to take this opportunity to thank our community for your unwavering support, concern and interest in the welfare of the shelter and the animals that we care for,” she said.

Wollies Animal Project was established in 2013 when the non-profit organisation started promoting sterilisation projects at affordable prices to assist abandoned and less-fortunate animals.

Spacious kennels were built in May 2014, when the shelter celebrated its first birthday.

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 Photo: Shaun Sproule :  Wollies uses five municipal bins of food for dogs and two for cats each day.

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The animal shelter aims to rescue and rehabilitate abused, unwanted and neglected animals.

Being a pro-life organisation, Wollies is entirely dependent on their communities to adopt the many animals in their care.

They will be celebrating their 10th birthday in May this year and have requested for their supporters to keep May 27 open as they have something exciting planned for the day.

While the shelter announced that they are currently filled to the brim with animals they are encouraging animal lovers to visit their premises and provide a loving home for the animals in their care.

To donate or adopt, contact the office at 079 916 4602 or 067 356 3895 for more information.

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