Wife Finds Husband ‘Mummified’ In Closet 8 Months After Death

An autopsy report, released last week, has revealed the details behind the disappearance of an Illinois man. According to Fox 59, the man was found eight months after his disappearance, in his home, by his wife.

Richard Maedge Was Reported Missing In April 2022

According to the outlet, Richard Maedge’s wife Jennifer reported him missing on April 27, 2022. At the time, she told police that she last spoke to her 53-year-old husband the day before. She also said Maedge called her and said he was leaving work early. However, when she arrived at their home, she noticed her husband’s car was parked there. However, he could not be found.

Police reportedly searched the home for Maedge but found no trace of him.

Troy county’s chief deputy coroner, Kelly Rogers, told reporters that police described the Maedge residence as a “hoarder home.” Additionally, police only noticed a  “sewer-like” odor while inside the residence.

Police Searched The Home For The Missing Man Twice

Sometime later, Jennifer Maedge made another call to the police. This time, to report an odor in the home.

Authorities returned to the Maedge residence for a second time, and once again, did not find her husband’s remains. However, did note the same “sewer-like” smell in the residence.

Jennifer Maedge then contacted a plumber, who believed the odor inside the house was “sewer gas.” The plumber reported “placed a cap on one of the sewer pipes in the basement” and the odor was eliminated.

Jennifer Maedge Discovered Her Husband’s Body In December 2022

The mystery of Jennifer Maedge’s husband’s disappearance would come to an end on December 11, 2022 — almost eight months after he had gone missing.

Maedge told police that she had gone into a “concealed closet area” to get a tote containing Christmas decorations. It was there that Maedge discovered her husband’s deceased body.

I decided to put the Christmas tree up, and I was looking for a tote of Christmas ornaments, and that’s when I discovered him.

Maedge told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in December.

In a phone interview with the outlet, Kelly Rogers explained that Richard Maedge’s body “had advanced beyond decomposition and was in a mummified state.”This reportedly occurs when the body’s fluids are “dried up,” or “removed from the skin.”

Additionally, Rogers explained that a “mummified” body may not have a strong odor, which is why its presence remained concealed inside the home, unbeknownst to Jennifer Maedge.

Richard Maedge’s Family Blamed Police For Their Failed Investigation

According to a December interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Richard Maedge’s sister Marilyn Toliver blamed the police for what she feels was a “shoddy investigation,” citing that authorities were called to the residence twice.

At the time, Jennifer Maedge maintained the police wouldn’t have known about the concealed closet. However, Toliver went to the Troy City Council meeting “to complain.”

I need answers from the police chief. I need answers from the mayor. How is this even possible? Mistakes were made, and I want answers. If it means filing a complaint and going all the way to the governor, I will. I’m not going away…

Richard Maedge’s Cause Of Death & Autopsy Findings

Furthermore, the autopsy ultimately revealed that Richard Maedge died by suicide. No foul play was reportedly involved in his death.

In December, Maedge’s son Austin Maedge told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his father may have been depressed over a “family drama.”