Who Is Yashua Martinez? Marisa Utterback Arrested In Killing Of Yashua Martinez Charges Explained!

An arrest has been made by the Dodge County Attorney’s office after the Fremont woman faces charges over the manslaughter and motor vehicle homicide that happened in September last year that led to the death of a La Vista man. According to the sources, the woman has been identified as Marisa Utterback who is 30 years old. The Fremont woman faces charges of reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and many more. All the details regarding to the arrested woman, the deceased and the charges will be given below. Keep reading to know more details here.

Who Is Yashua Martinez?

Let us tell our readers that the woman was arrested in charges of an accident that occurred in September 22, last year. The body of the deceased was discovered by the construction workers of an unidentified man on Highway 275. Now, the man has been also identified as Yashya Martinez from La Vista. According to the reports, the body of the deceased was lying on the road for at least four days of the incident. Later, it was identified by the police that it is a hit-and-run case by a silver Jeep belonging to Marisa Utterback who is from Fremont, that cause his death.

Marisa Utterback Arrested

After the arrest was made, Utterback claimed that she had hit deer several days before the incident took place. However, officers believed that the dent on the Jeep was not due to a car-deer collision. After police made more efforts in the investigation, it was concluded that Marisa was driving the vehicle which killed Yashya Martinez.

Well, the arrest of 30-year-old woman, Utterback was made in March 2023, and charged with murder, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render aid, tampering with evidence and other traffic violations, as per the Dodge County Attorney’s Office. The body of the deceased was found on Highway 275 near Morningside Road on September 22, 2022. After Dodge County Sheriff’s Office was alerted, and they disclosed Highway 275 for approx seven hours for the investigation, along with Douglas County Crime Lab.

Later, the investigation of the case led the officer to the local body shop where they found a silver Jeep. Marisa Utterback the owner of the vehicle, said that she hit a deer on September 19 and brought the SUV to the body shop. The neighbor added that the front of the Jeep and windshield were damaged and observed blood on the vehicle.