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Who is Mel in Shameless? Actor Perry Mattfeld’s character explained

Perry Mattfeld is a famous American actress best known for her role as Mel on the show Shameless, which won the hearts of many people.

Shameless is a TV show that has been running for about 11 years. The show ran from 2011 to 2021. Fans of Shameless have seen the characters change over time and the show has made a huge impression on them.

The series was based on a British sitcom of the same name directed by Paul Abbott. The story follows Frank Gallagher, a single Chicago father of six intelligent, independent children.

Emmy Rossum plays Fiona, the eldest daughter who is like a parent to her brothers and sisters. The American film Shameless was filmed in Chicago, Illinois. The Gallagher House was located on S. Homan Ave. 2119 in Chicago. Overall, the show gets good reviews and fans have long liked it.

Perry Mattfeld

Who is Mel on Shameless?

Perry played Mel in seven episodes of “Shameless” from 2017 to 2018. She was only on the show briefly, but she made an impression both on and off the set.

Mel played Nessa’s jealous friend who lived with her. Mel, who Nessa says is “blonde and mean,” got into a fight with Fiona after she lied to a potential renter about bed bugs in the building so her friends could get an apartment instead.

Later episodes of Season 8 of Shameless revealed that Nessa and Mel were going to have a baby and when Fiona decided to sell the apartment building in Season 9 they had to move.

Mattfeld only appeared in seven episodes of the show Shameless, but her career has since picked up steam. After leaving Shameless, Mattfeld starred in an episode of Amazon’s psychological thriller Homecoming. Soon after, he landed a two-episode role as Pam on the podcast series Carrier.

Her most famous post-Shameless role was as the lead character in the CW drama series In The Dark. She played Murphy Mason, a blind woman in her 20s trying to find out who killed her friend.

What is the name of Perry Mattfeld?

Mattfeld is an American actress best known for her roles in hit TV shows like ‘Escape from Polygamy’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’ Most Americans who have seen these shows will recognize her face because she is one of the most famous people right next to Julia Roberts and other famous people.

Mattfeld’s career got off to a great start, but she didn’t start out as an actress. She was a ballet dancer who danced ballet for just under a decade before trying other types of dance.

The dance teacher’s production company, Ms. Allen’s World Premiere, cast her in an original play called “Alex in Wonderland.” She then gave more than 164 concerts at the Grove Theater in Los Angeles.

Mattfeld’s father is a well-known Los Angeles attorney and she is his daughter. Perry’s acting career got better, but it was slow at first, so she had to do something else to make ends meet. She tried modeling for a while but it was just something she did for fun. After graduating from USC, she got a job as a model. She was able to do this because she knew another student who was also a model.

So far in his career, Perry Mattfeld

Mattfeld began dancing when she was five and Debbie Allen taught her for nine years. She was a full-time employee of the company by age 12, when she played Kirsten Larson and Kit Kittredge in Mattel’s musical group American Girl Dolls.

Allen told her to “do different kinds of dances,” which led to her becoming an actress. After high school, she quit acting to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts, where she graduated in 2016.

Within the Dark, a crime comedy on the CW, is her first major role. In it she plays a blind woman. For this part, Perry found ways to deal with blindness, like using a guide dog or texting with voice instructions.

She followed a blind man whose life the series is based on to see how she went about her daily chores. Fans thought she was already blind, but that wasn’t true. Although the show was criticized for not choosing a blind actress, the producer said it was the best choice out of all the blind people who tried.

Where is Perry Mattfeld right now?

Perry is still in the entertainment business and has tried different projects to see what she likes. The fourth and final season of Into The Dark, which will air on The CW in June 2022, will see the formerly Shameless actress return as the main character.

People stuck at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak watched many shows. One of them was the CW’s quirky crime drama In the Dark.

When the first season, which aired in 2019, aired on Netflix in 2020, people could see how much they liked watching a hard-drinking blind woman named Murphy, played by Perry Mattfeld, solve crimes while she deals with a long list of problems.

Mattfeld was proud of how she worked with the show’s creator, Corinne Kingsbury, to ensure her character remains a true, honest example of a strong but flawed female lead before the show’s third season began.

She will also star in two films that are coming out soon. She will play Layla in Michael Maren’s independent comedy Shriver and will play Lucy in Joshua Caldwell’s drama Mending The Line.

    Perry Mattfeld
Perry Mattfeld

Is Perry Matffeld dating anyone?

Perry Mattfeld is in a relationship with Andrew Wright and they have been together for a long time. They met through a mutual friend in the summer of 2016 and began dating in the fall.

Wright was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. He works as a member of an online betting company called “TVG Horse Racing Network”. As no official announcement has been made, Perry Mattfeld is not yet married.

Who are Perry Mattfeld’s parents?

Mattfeld was born on March 29, 1994 in the United States to Hispanic mother, Shelley Garcia, and white father, Kenneth Mattfeld. Her family consisted of her Hispanic mother, Shelley Garcia, and a part-time American attorney.

Her father is a famous lawyer. Before becoming the Assistant City Attorney for the Port of Los Angeles, he was a naval architect. Her Hispanic mother was born in Mexico. She attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, a public high school in Long Beach, California. The school is located at 1600 Atlantic Avenue. She then graduated with honors from the University of Southern California (USC).

Perry received his BFA in acting from the School of Dramatic Arts. He also got a minor in cinematography. At the University of Southern California, where she was a student, she cheered.

She was at the Mattel American Girl Theater with Kirsten Larson and Kit Kittredge in the first musical theater cast of American Girl Dolls. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to work in the entertainment industry.

Although she had a hard life, she was always determined and had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve. No matter what, she had to achieve her goals, so she worked for them until she did.

8 things you didn’t know about Perry Mattfeld

career entry

Perry Mattfeld’s career got off to a good start, but she didn’t start out as an actress in the entertainment business. She started out as a ballet dancer and only danced ballet for a little over a decade before trying other types of dance.

Her father is a lawyer

Perry Mattfeld is the daughter of a prominent Los Angeles area attorney. His name is Kenneth Mattfeld. At the beginning of his career he worked for various law firms in the region. He also attended Loyola Law School.


Fans shouldn’t be surprised that Perry Mattfeld was a cheerleader. She just looks like a typical American girl. She was a cheerleader while attending school at the University of Southern California. She was also named Cheerleader of the Week by Sports Illustrated.

A model

Perry’s acting career got better, but it was slow at first, so she had to do other things to pay the bills. She tried modeling for a while but it was just something she did on the side.


Perry Mattfeld also speaks two languages. Some of us have trouble learning just one language, but she has no trouble learning two. She speaks two languages ​​(English and French).

The role of “Murphy” was well established

Perry took no chances as she prepared to play Murphy on the TV show In the Dark. She said as she looked at the character, she was drawn to her because she learned it in college, but that she had a lot more to learn in the process.

Trained performer

She graduated from the University’s School of Dramatic Arts. She just got her BFA Summa Cum Laude and her Bachelor of Arts in Film Theory. She had a 4.6 grade point average while at LA Polytechnic Institute.


Perry has been in the entertainment industry since she was five, which is a long time. In 2017-2018, her net worth was estimated to be between $100,000 and $1 million. The majority of her money comes from her acting career.