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Who is he? 5 facts about the cast of The Girl In Room 13

Max Montesi is a well-known actor and filmmaker from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since childhood, the multi-talented actor has had a keen interest in presenting stories through visual media.

Montesi has a clear perspective because he has worked both in front of and behind the camera. He has made numerous significant contributions to the direction of music videos, promotional materials for independent musicians and small businesses, and content for brands.

Both in front of and behind the camera, he works on some truly fascinating projects. Max is also known as the director and producer of the short film What We Can Do Without, which garnered him a lot of attention. He also directed a music video produced for the popular band Ceremonial Bloodbath.

Many people remember him for his recurring role as Lindo in the film The 100 which was released in 2014. He was also cast as a vampire in the series finale of Supernatural, in which he appeared. In addition, he has fourteen credits as a cinematographer.

The actor has recently garnered a lot of attention for his role in the movie Girl in Room 13, which was released not so long ago. The film hit theaters for the first time on September 17th. Outstanding actor Montesi is the subject of this article which contains some fascinating information about him.

Max Montesi
Full nameMax Montesi
Place of birthVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
professionActor, Filmmaker, Producer, Director
upcoming projectThe last of us
Height1.75m (approx.)

Short wiki and bio of the actor Max Montesi

Born and raised in Vancouver, Max Montesi is a multi-talented actor, director, producer and cinematographer. He plays the role of Richie in the recently released film Girl in Room 13.

Emmy Award-winning actress Anne Heche stars in the film, which is produced by Lifetime and directed by Elisabeth Rohm and Maria Nation, along with Matt Hamilton, Larissa Dias and Montesi. The story shown in the film “Girl in Room 13” was inspired by real events.

The film’s narrative revolves around a young woman named Grace (played by Larissa) who develops an addiction to opioids after seeing a patient receive a prescription for treatment for a sports injury. The moment her ex-lover finds out about her, her entire existence collapses.

The new television series The Last of Us has cast Montesi in the role of Lee, which he will play when the show debuts. The series was developed by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, and the first episode is scheduled to air in 2023. Bella Ramsey, Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna are among the actors appearing in it.

He is also known for his role as a vampire in the television series Supernatural. Max shared an amazing time while discussing his participation in the final episode of the series. In his opinion, the team was outstanding, cohesive, productive and fun at the same time.

He praised Jared and Jensen’s ability to keep everyone laughing into the wee hours during an interview. Max mentioned that the show has been a mainstay in the Vancouver community for almost fifteen years and he is a huge supporter of the show.

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Max Montesi Alter

Considering his looks and overall demeanor, Max Montesi is most likely in his 30s. The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada is the actor’s hometown.

He is now collaborating with Austin Macwhirter on the short film Necro, which they are directing. Quinn Greysen plays Jemma, Hrothgar Mathews plays Dexter, David Lennon plays Damien, Lean Jacksties plays Nurse, Mark Reinhardt plays Terry and the short film is directed by Hrothgar Mathews.

In his free time, Max also works at another location as a boxing trainer. He has more than ten years of professional boxing experience at Contenders. He’s also one of the longest-serving members of Contenders.

Devil in Ohio, the television miniseries, is largely responsible for bringing Mas (2022) to the public. Daria Polatin is the director of the TV series and plays the role of James Dressler in the show. Xaria Dotson, Alisha Newton, Madeleine Arthur and Sam Jaeger are some of the other actors appearing in the series.

Find out more about Max Montesi’s family here

Max Montesi, an actor, was welcomed into the world by his doting parents in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Born into a family with roots in the film industry, he has always had a strong interest in expressing stories through visual media.

Once Upon a Time cast him in the role of the farm boy in 2013, and he made his debut in the role that same year. Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison and Pana Parrilla were three of the stars of the film, which was directed by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

He then appeared as Oliver Queen in the popular television series Arrow in 2015. He played the character Kendrick Weller in the television show developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg.

That same year, he had a role as Adrien in the short film No Good People, and then in 2016 he had a role as a tech geek in the Rand Rayich-developed television series Second Chance.

He was then cast as Dillan Hernandes in the TV movie Muse (2018) and currently plays the role of Mark in the TV series The Magicians (2019). In the film he appeared with actors such as Mark Brandon and Erin Cahill and Antonio Cupo.

Timeline of Max Montesi’s relationships with his girlfriends

It is not known if talented actor Max Montesi is married, single or with his girlfriend. Many admirers of the actor believe that he is married and has a nice family. However, it is not known if the actor is married or single. He has worked in, and made significant contributions to, a number of areas related to the entertainment industry.

Max is not only a boxing trainer, but has also been competing for more than ten years.

He encourages members to expand their skills by taking new classes, whether it’s a Boxing Fundamentals session or a sparring class. Max has become a well-known authority on boxing because he assists in classes and teaches.

He uses his experience to motivate and guide other boxing fans to improve their boxing skills and become more confident. Max enjoys watching the development of other boxers’ talents and works to create an encouraging atmosphere.

In teaching boxing, Max strives to strike a balance between challenging and encouraging for his students. He attributes most of his success to the guidance of his peers. He is always excited about new opportunities to learn and improve his coaching style.

Max Montesi
Max Montesi

Instagram profile of actor Max Montesi

It seems like Max Montesi is not active on any of his social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Max’s filmography includes 19 credits for his work as an actor, 14 credits for his work as a cinematographer, 13 credits for his work as an editor, 12 credits for his work as a director, 9 credits for his work as a producer, 5 credits for his work as a writer and 1 credit for his work in the camera and electronics departments.

Montesi appeared as Spider in the 2019 edition of the television miniseries Unspeakable. He then had roles in the films Cold Pursuit, Spirit Glitch, and The Magician, all released in the same calendar year. In 2020, he was cast for the recurring role of Kyle on the television series Sacred Lies.

The Perfect Recipe, Devil in Ohio, The Last of Us, Second Chance, Dolor, One Bad Day and Scene 9 are just a few of his other outstanding works. Music videos such as “Spell: Dawn Wanderer”, “Spell: Deceiver”, “Billy Botox: BANG” and “Saturn’s Cross: The Meeting Place” and “Saturn’s Cross: It Has Begun Again” are among his many industry credits.

Fans of The 100 may remember his outstanding performance on the TV series, starring as Lindo. He also had a role as a vampire in the series finale of the well-known television series Supernatural.

Incredible work has been credited to him behind the camera. The actor believes that other actors would consider themselves filmmakers as they are all working towards completing the same project. “It’s teamwork right through to the editing,” Max said in an interview.