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Who are George Tiffin and Martha Fiennes? Hero Fiennes Tiffin Parents and Siblings

Fans are very interested in the personal life and family of Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Let’s read the rest of the article to learn more.

English actor, model and producer Fiennes Tiffin is also known as Tiffin. He is best known for playing Hardin Scott, the main character in the “After” film series. Considering how young he is, it’s amazing how much he’s accomplished in such a short amount of time.

He also played Tom Riddle in the film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when he was 11 years old. His uncle Ralph Fiennes played Lord Voldemort, the villain. In this film, the actor showed for the first time how great he could be. The rest is history.

Fiennes Tiffin

Who are George Tiffin and Martha Fiennes, Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s parents?

Held Fiennes Tiffin’s parents, George Tiffin (father) and Martha Fiennes are very supportive to him (mother). His mother Martha is best known for her films Onegin (1999), in which her older brother Ralph starred, and Chromophobia (2005), which she also wrote and produced.

Onegin, an adaptation of Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin, was her first film as a director. Her brother Ralph starred in the film.

For the same critically acclaimed film, Martha also won the London Film Critics Circle’s Best Necelebritywcomer Award and the Tokyo Film Festival’s Best Director Award.

After making that decision, Fiennes wrote the screenplay for Chromophobia, the final film to screen at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. It was an original, multi-story, star-cast drama.

George, on the other hand, is a British film director best known for his work on Sou[”(1996)“SecretHunter”and“MI-5”(2006))[“(1996)„SecretHunter“und„MI-5“(2006)bekanntist[”(1996)“SecretHunter”and“MI-5”(2006)

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Does Hero Fiennes Tiffin have siblings?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is lucky enough to have two sisters and a brother. Mercy Jini Willow Fiennes Tiffin and Titan Nathaniel Fiennes Tiffin are his younger sister and older brother, respectively. They were born on November 6, 1997 and October 15, 2001.

Other information about Hero’s siblings is only briefly mentioned in a few sources. His siblings aren’t in the limelight like he is. In the meantime, they have to start new jobs in other areas.

Hero’s uncle Ralph Fiennes, on the other hand, is a big name in the acting world. He has acted in many famous films, including Harry Potter, where he played the evil Lord Voldemort, Skyfall, No Time to Die, Class of the Titans, and many others.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth in 2022: Where His Money Comes From

Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s estimated net worth is over $1.3 million, which is a huge sum for someone so young. As his business and acting career grew, he must have made more money.

He hasn’t acted in many films because he’s young. But in those he starred in, he did justice to his characters with his outstanding acting skills.

Likewise, Hero made his debut in Bigga Than Ben (2008) as Spartak. It is a British comedy directed by Suzie Halewood. He worked on this film with Ben Barnes, Andrei Chadov and Ovidiu Matesan.

He played Jack in the 2016 film Possession With Intent to Supply and had another appearance in the Harry Potter series.

In the new film “After” he played the main role (2019). In this film he starred with Josephine Langford. This film received mixed reviews from critics, but it performed well at the box office.

Before becoming a well-known actor, Fiennes gave up everything to make a living as an actor. He had worked as a landscape gardener and caterer in the past. Hero almost said it would be better for him to be a caterer than continue acting. But he ended up going to an audition for Hardin Scott.

The role in “After” changed the actor’s life forever. Hero told W Magazine what surprised him the most was the amount of press and publicity.

The young actor has a long way to go and is still fairly new to Hollywood. After seeing how good he is at acting, it’s clear that one day he will become a well-known actor.

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s girlfriend

Held Fiennes Tiffin said in a 2019 interview with Elle that he’s never been in a relationship and doesn’t have a girlfriend.

His social media, especially Instagram, was full of posts about projects he was working on and films he wanted to make. So, it seems like the actor is keeping his private life quiet.

Also, if he’s dating someone, he’s less likely to tell everyone about it once they start dating. During this time he is said to have been dating Josephine Langford, who played his love interest in the film After. During the show, they had such strong chemistry that many people wondered if they were dating.

It breaks my heart to think that the only thing they had in common was their friendship. They are close and Hero said he still talks to her and keeps in touch with other “After” actors.

How old will hero Fiennes Tiffin be in 2022?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is now 25 years old. He was born on November 6, 1997 in London, England, United Kingdom. He grew up in a stable Christian family. He is English by birth.

Hero attended Raey Primary School in Lambeth, Emanuel School in Battersea and Graveney School in Tooting, all in the UK to complete his primary education.

He chose a nearby private university in London, England, UK where he completed his schooling.

Also, the actor was interested in acting and modeling since childhood and always wanted to be one of the best actors and models in the entertainment business. He only started acting when he was 11 years old.

Fiennes Tiffin
Fiennes Tiffin

Who are hero Fiennes Tiffin’s parents?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin was born in London, United Kingdom to parents named George Tiffin and Martha Fiennes.

Is Hero Fiennes Tiffin related to anyone else?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin and his two siblings grew up together. Titan Nathaniel Fiennes-Tiffin is his brother and Mercy Fiennes Tiffin is his sister.

Are Hero Fiennes and Tiffin dating? His girlfriend

Fans think Hero Fiennes Tiffin has a girlfriend because of his looks and what he does for a living. But he hasn’t said anything about being in a relationship with his lover.

early years

Hero Fiennes Tiffin was born on November 6, 1997 in London. He is the son of film director Martha Fiennes and cinematographer George Tiffin. He has a brother named Titan and a younger sister named Mercy. In an interview with 2020, he said he doesn’t put a hyphen in his name because his parents never married. He attended Reay Primary School in Lambeth, then Emanuel School in Battersea and finally Graveney School in Tooting for his education. He is a Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes. His great-grandfather was Sir Maurice Fiennes and his uncles Ralph and Joseph Fiennes are also actors. Mark Fiennes was a photographer and Jennifer Lash was a writer. They were his mother’s parents.


Fiennes Tiffin worked as a landscaper and chef before becoming an actor.

He made his debut as Spartak in the 2008 drama Bigga Than Ben. He was chosen from thousands of young actors who tried his hand at playing Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, although at least one publication said his family connections were the only reason he got the part. Director David Yates said he was chosen because he could find “the darker space” in his line readings. He said that he didn’t get the part because Ralph Fiennes, who plays Voldemort, is his uncle, but that the fact that they look alike is a “tie”. Yates said Fiennes Tiffin was “very focused and disciplined.” He also said that Tiffin “captured the corners and dark moods and strange spirit of the character” and had a “wonderful ghostly quality that Tom Riddle seemed to bring to life for us on screen”.

In the 2017 British TV drama series Safe, starring Michael C. Hall and written by crime writer Harlan Coben, Fiennes Tiffin played Ioan Fuller, a teenager involved in a friend’s disappearance. In 2019, Fiennes Tiffin was cast as Hardin Scott in the film After, based on Anna Todd’s book of the same name, which was a New York Times bestseller. Josephine Langford also had a starring role in the film. The film was released in April 2019 and grossed $69.7 million worldwide. He again played Hardin Scott in the sequel After We Collided, which came out in September 2020. He also played Hardin Scott again in the final two sequels, After We Fell and After Ever Happy, which were filmed at the same time in late 2020 and will be released in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

He played Brooks Gustafson in the thriller The Silencing, out July 2020. In May 2021, it was announced that Fiennes Tiffin and Sydney Park would star in romantic drama First Love. In October 2021, it was announced that Fiennes Tiffin would join the cast of a historical drama titled The Woman King, along with Viola Davis, Jayme Lawson and Masali Baduza. In May 2022, he joined the cast of the action film The Climb, based on a 2013 Greenpeace protest in which people illegally climbed The Shard to protest oil drilling in the Arctic.

Fiennes Tiffin is currently signed to model agency Storm Management. He has modeled for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, H&M, Hugo Boss and Superdry. In November 2019 he was chosen by Salvatore Ferragamo SpA to be the face of the new Ferragamo perfume

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